Shipping Update + Customer Photos!

Hotwheels With Adaptalux

Hello all, Throughout this update we have featured some BETA TESTER Kickstarter award photos, photographed using their Adaptalux’s. Don’t just take our word for what Adaptalux can do, see the real life results people are already achieving with this product. Shipping update:- We are pleased to announce that the SUPER MEGA ULTIMATE AWESOME PACKS have…

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Your Macro Photos!

Water Droplet

Hello, Here is a selection of our favourite macro photos submitted to us by you! We love seeing your photography work, so please carry on sending us your photos. We hope some of these photos inspire you to try capturing different subjects using different photographic lighting techniques. Image submitted by Martin St Aubrey We love…

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Free Adaptalux Background Images

Autumn Leaf shot with Adaptalux

We have bundled 12 Adaptalux images that make amazing background images for your computer or mobile device. Download them for free by clicking on the link, and then clicking ‘download’ in the top right hand corner. These images are for your personal use only. ADAPTALUX SCREENSAVER IMAGES DOWNLOAD LINK Some background example images Just 11…

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