The Adaptalux Studio is a modular lighting system that includes powerful and adaptable LED macro lighting.

Mix and match white and coloured continuous light to build your lighting environment in front of the camera.

Bendy white lights for photography

Lighting Arms are flexible. Position your light exactly where you need it.

Control your light with masterful precision.

Continuous Creativity


The “always-on” light lets you see every

adjustment and change in real-time.


No more guesswork!

Continuous light for close up photography
Beam Angle Control

Adjustable beam angle.

∠ 115° to 20°

Need natural-looking shots? No problem!

Light with white from all directions.

White Continuous light for macro

White LED Lighting Arm

Wide Beam

200 Lumens


White LED Light source

Super White LED Lighting Arm

Focused Beam

400 Lumens


White LED Light source

Shop for white light pre-built packs.

Or build a custom pack.

Learn more about white light solutions.

LED and Xenon Flash.

Blue LED Light for macro photography

For those Sci-fi scenes.

Red LED Light for macro photography

Add some drama!

Green LED Light for macro photography

Highlight natural tones.

Orange LED Light for macro photography

Warm-up your shots.

Use Coloured lighting arms for vivid and bright creative light.

All lighting Arms are available separately to add to your collection.

Blacklight photography light source

Try Ultraviolet Photography with our

UV Lighting Arms

No camera modifications needed, Just…


Feeling creative? Magnetically attach filters for even more configurations.

Choose from 8 Colour Filters to add a soft wash of colour.

Adaptalux Studio colour filters

Beautiful soft light with easy diffusion.

Magnetically attach diffusers as needed.

Macro lighting diffusion
LED Macro Photography Lighting system

Save up to 30% on all LED Lighting Arms
when purchased as part of a custom or pre-built pack.