Getting started with Ecommerce product photography lighting

eCommerce product photography lighting

Watch on YouTube – Ecommerce product photography lighting techniques Getting started with white background product photography can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. However, with the right preparation and know-how, you can shoot studio style product shots at home in no time! This is our step by step guide on getting Ecommerce product photography lighting…

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Shooting Fluorescent Flowers Under Ultraviolet Light

Shooting Fluorescent flowers

Watch the Video on YouTube – Shooting Fluorescent Flowers Under Ultraviolet Light Before you get started, you may wish to read our Introduction to UV fluorescent photography, a breakdown all about UV photography. When it comes to choosing a subject for ultraviolet induced visible fluorescence photography (UVIVF), fluorescent flowers are a pretty good starting point. Most living…

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What does a macro lens do?

what does a macro lens do?

What does a macro lens do? Probably a question we all ask in the early stages of learning about photography. It’s not overly obvious before getting hands on, looking through the viewfinder and exploring the macro world. Let’s try to shed some light on macro as a genre, and why macro lenses are important. macro…

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Indoor Macro Photography

indoor macro photography

When we talk to photographers about the kind of macro photography they enjoy, a lot of people only venture out when its sunny. A stroll through the woods or meadow can wield some amazing macro subjects; bugs, plants and flowers galore, complete with ready made lighting from the sun. However, these people people miss out…

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The Control Pod 2.0 – New and Improved!

A long time in the making, we are happy to announce that we have upgraded the Adaptalux Studio Control Pod! The Control Pod has served us all well over the past few years, and we have learned a lot about the ways people want to use their equipment, but most importantly, the areas that we…

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Summer Sale Now On!

Hi Everyone! Maybe everyone has had enough of the heat this summer, but the insects and macro photography opportunities are far from over! It’s time to up your macro photography lighting game with 15% off Adaptalux Studio packs. All of our standard kit is discounted on our store, so if you have been waiting to get…

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Adaptalux Glow Project Cancellation

Hello everyone,   I would like to personally thank everyone that supported our latest project, unfortunately, we have bad news. It is with great regret that we must cancel the Adaptalux Glow Kickstarter campaign later today.   As you would expect, we had really high hopes for the Adaptalux Glow and we anticipated it to…

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Adaptalux Glow – Live on Kickstarter!

Adaptalux Glow Kickstarter

The day has finally come! We are so happy to announce that our latest Kickstarter project is officially LIVE on Kickstarter. You can click the link above to head to Kickstarter and get a Glow for yourself, we have some fantastic discounts for Super Early Birds, so make sure to head over to the campaign…

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Tonya Wilhelm – Macro Photography with Adaptalux Studio

Tonya Wilhelm Follow Tonya About the Photographer Tonya Wilhelm is an internationally published and award-winning photographer in both portraiture and macro wildlife. Her work appears in over two dozen periodicals, and she has photo-illustrated a published book. Tonya is owner of Wilhelm Photography offering portrait, commercial, and fine art photography, and is an art teacher…

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Android App Released

Android App

We are very pleased to announce that the Adaptalux app is now officially out of beta testing and available to download for all Android customers. The Android app, like the iOS version, allows for live brightness control of the Adaptalux Studio via Bluetooth. It’s extremely handy for controlling your lighting remotely and making adjustments to…

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Mark Dell – My experience with Adaptalux

mark Dell Food Photography

Mark Dell Mark on Instagram About the Photographer Mark started photography at eleven years old after joining the photography club in school, participating in photo “assignments” with his trusty Olympus Trip 35. His love for photography was sparked after seeing his photo of a new shopping centre in print in the local paper. Moving on…

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Android app – Beta Testers Needed


It’s been a long old road for the android app but we are finally here, today we are releasing the beta version for testing. This is an open beta, so everyone can opt in and help to test the app’s functions. The android app, like the iOS version, allows live brightness control of the Adaptalux…

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How to Shoot Macro Photography on a Budget

How Macro Lenses Work

Macro photography gives you the opportunity to explore new and exciting worlds on your doorstep. Its amazing seeing something for the first time, that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. However, macro photography lenses are typically very expensive, so why not reverse some old prime lenses that you can purchase for under £20? You…

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Adaptalux Store Changes

We have been making some improvements to our online store! If any of you have experienced some instability over the past few days, we are sorry for the inconvenience, but all should now be back to normal (sort of)   We wanted to quickly introduce the changes to avoid any confusion, as they affect the…

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Win some Adaptalux Lighting Arms!

Adaptalux Photo Competition

Hi Friends! To celebrate a new batch of lighting arms coming into stock, we are running a competition to reward our backers and customers! Adaptalux Macro Photo Competition We want to see the creativity flow, so we are giving away some lighting arms to enhance your lighting options! We’re asking people to submit their images…

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Adaptalux News! Great year so far.

Photography show 2017

Hello friends,   Well it’s been a while since I last posted an update. We have been incredibly busy, but we hope everyone is well and getting fantastic photographs with their Adaptalux Studios. Here is a video clip we captured last week of a great macro photography subject – a Pine Cone.     A…

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We did it! Thank You!

Adaptalux Stabiliser

Hi friends, Together, we absolutely smashed our goal for the Adaptalux Stabiliser, thank you so much for all who supported the campaign! In total, we have raised over £6,945. What Happens Now? In the coming weeks, we will be sending out surveys to collect your addresses and pledge details (colour etc). Please keep an eye…

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Final hours to get the Adaptalux Stabiliser!

Adaptalux Stabiliser

Hi Adaptalux pals, Just a quick update to remind you all that the Adaptalux Stabiliser Kickstarter campaign is now in its final hours. If you are thinking about getting one, then now is the time to get one whilst it is reduced in price. Thanks everyone and have a great weekend! Sam + the…

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New Kickstarter Campaign! Get the Stabiliser for your studio.

Adaptalux stabiliser

Hi Friends, We hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year. We have just dropped a new Kickstarter campaign for the Adaptalux Stabiliser. Check it out by clicking on the image below. The Adaptalux Stabiliser is the perfect companion for your Adaptalux studio. Based on your feedback from last weeks survey, we have…

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Adaptalux Christmas Sale Now On!

Adaptalux Christmas Bokeh

Hi Everyone, It’s officially the beginning of the festive period! To celebrate, all Adaptalux products are heavily discounted through our online store. Get Adaptalux products at a great price in our Christmas Sale! CLICK TO SHOP NOW! Take this opportunity to buy more Adaptalux products for your pack, or consider purchasing more packs to expand…

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Adaptalux Christmas Competition

Coloured Control Pods

Hi Friends! Great photograph of a flower by Kyle Evans using his Adaptalux Studio To get in the festive spirit, we have just launched the Adaptalux Christmas Competition. To enter simply follow the below link:- The Prize:- A limited edition starter pack. This pack includes a Limited edition coloured Control Pod which you can…

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All Kickstarter Awards Shipped!

Adaptalux Studio Colour Filters

ALL OF THE KICKSTARTER AWARDS HAVE NOW BEEN SHIPPED! This is a very special day that we have been working very hard towards since we launched this kickstarter campaign. Everyone who pledged for an Adaptalux pack, should now have a tracking number. If you have not received your Adaptalux yet, don’t worry it is on…

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The Adaptalux packaging is here!

Adaptalux Studio Packaging

Hello, EXCITING UPDATE! All close-up photos featured in this update have been captured using the fully finished Adaptalux product. The packaging finally arrived yesterday and we are extremely pleased with it. Sam and his brother James, designed the packaging and worked with a packaging company to get it manufactured over the last few months. This…

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Control Pod images + update on electronics.

Adaptalux Pod

Hi everyone, Another update regarding the PCB problem we encountered last week. We are pleased to say we have identified the issue on the PCB board samples and have successfully fixed the issue on the samples. We are now working on the most cost effective way of correcting the problem on the other boards with…

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April Progress…

Oil on water with Adaptalux

Hello everyone! A small knock, but we will recover. Its amazing how one day can have such a big impact on a project like this. I came to write this update this morning with great excitement, as the final PCB samples arrived.  I was going to show the final product in a video and announce…

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Adaptalux March Progress!

Oil on water

Hi Everyone, Sorry for the radio silence over the last 6 weeks! We have been busy working really hard on getting Adaptalux ready for launch. The photographs embedded in this update are closeup shots of olive oil on water, using Adaptalux. All photos utilise the finished Lighting Arms, Colour Filters, Diffusers and Alpha unit of the…

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Revised Launch Dates + January Progress!

Adaptalux Lighting Arms

Hello all, We are now officially in the year you will get Adaptalux in your hands! This update covers the UK assembly progress and a revised launch schedule. The photographs on this update are macro shots of ice on a paintbrush and macro shots of cake decorations (sugar sprinkles), photographed using Adaptalux. Revised Schedule:- First, the…

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More Progress, Photos and a Mini-Competition!

Water on a leaf with adaptalux

Hi Everyone, Lots more progress photos to show you regarding the manufacture of Adaptalux, a little competition, Adaptalux photos and a build up to a very BIG update we have coming in September. CNC Machining of parts:- Adaptalux utilises parts that are made out of aluminium, which are machined to very tight tolerances and are…

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The Adaptalux macro photo competition!

Here is our official blog post for the Adaptalux macro photo competition. Here you will find all of the rules for the competition and the full terms and conditions! Prizes:- 1st prize:- Will receive an Adaptalux starter pack OR you can choose to receive 3 Lighting Arms of choice and 2 colour filters of choice instead…

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Lens cloths shipped & more information!

Hello Everyone, Summer is now truly here in the UK. Summer marks the “macro galore” season, with so many plants and wildlife coming onto full bloom. Its for sure, our favourite time of the year! Sharing’s Caring Lens Cloths:- We received the lens cloths for the “Sharing’s Caring” award this week. We shipped them to…

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Kickstarter Backer Wall of Fame. Thank you!

Wall Of Fame

Thank you again to all of our backers on Kickstarter for making Adaptalux a reality! Here is the Wall of fame image, which contains the names and some faces of people who backed at pledge awards “Little Snapper” & “sharing’s Caring”. Of course, a huge thank you to the other 499 backers too! This image…

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Progress Update!

Dandylion Lit with Adaptalux

Hi Everyone! This update is full of information on the progress made over the last week with Adaptalux. It is also an update regarding pledge awards “Little Snapper” and “Sharing’s Caring”. Little Snapper Pledge Award:- The wall of fame image has now been designed by Sam. Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey,…

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Your Macro Photos!

Water Droplet

Hello, Here is a selection of our favourite macro photos submitted to us by you! We love seeing your photography work, so please carry on sending us your photos. We hope some of these photos inspire you to try capturing different subjects using different photographic lighting techniques. Image submitted by Martin St Aubrey We love…

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Yay! We made it on Kickstarter…

Hello everyone! We are pleased to tell you that we have now raised over £100,000 on our Kickstarter campaign. Thats over $153,000 and it means we are now over our funding goal! We would like to thank everyone who has supported the campaign over the last 6 weeks. We are very humbled and we really…

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The Future is Bright for Adaptalux!

1 Week left to support Adaptalux on Kickstarter! Please CLICK HERE to find out how to pledge and get your own Adaptalux. We have now raised over £81,000, which is over $123,000! Absolutely amazing and we are very thankful to everyone who has supported us so far. We just want to give you a quick…

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Free Adaptalux Background Images

Autumn Leaf shot with Adaptalux

We have bundled 12 Adaptalux images that make amazing background images for your computer or mobile device. Download them for free by clicking on the link, and then clicking ‘download’ in the top right hand corner. These images are for your personal use only. ADAPTALUX SCREENSAVER IMAGES DOWNLOAD LINK Some background example images Just 11…

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Adaptalux Coverage…

Since launching our Kickstarter campaign, we have been overwhelmed with positive reviews and comments by many people all over the world! This post is dedicated to providing you with all of the links to the websites who have covered Adaptalux. A Big thank you to all of them. To visit the articles, simply click on the…

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Beautiful Macro Photography with Adaptalux

Water Drop with Adaptalux

Hello everyone, Here is a post showcasing a range of photos taken with Adaptalux so far exploring different camera configurations. Adaptalux doesn’t just have to be used for macro work, it is also perfect for small objects such as food photography for example. I have included the camera settings alongside the Adaptalux configuration below each photo. Enjoy… Camera…

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Why Start Macro Videography?

Hello, You may have seen my post a few weeks ago, why start macro photography? I have decided to write a similar post but turning my attention to macro videography. Most modern digital cameras have the ability to produce HD video recordings. This is great news for the photography market in general, as it means…

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Now LIVE on Kickstarter!

We are pleased to announce that Adaptalux is now LIVE on Kickstarter. Lets make this happen! CLICK HERE to go to the campaign. Be a super star and share this project via social media! This is an exciting period for us and we hope you find it exciting too! Support us and get Adaptalux at…

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Why Start Macro Photography?

Fly Shot with Adaptalux

Hi all, So what is macro photography? Technically speaking, macro photography is creating a subject of at least 1:1 scale on your camera sensor. This means when the photo off the sensor is scaled up on a computer, it shows incredible details. Revealing these details that are invisible to the naked eye is fascinating and allows for boring…

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Welcome to the Adaptalux website!

Hello, Welcome to the brand new Adaptalux website. We really hope you like it and feel free to share with us your thoughts and any feedback in the comments section below. The website has been designed to give you an insightful look into the company and product. We will also be taking Adaptalux pre-orders after…

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