Chinese Lantern plant photography – Physalis alkekengi

Chinese Lantern plant photography

Chinese Lantern plant photography – Physalis alkekengi – Watch on YouTube Physalis alkekengi (the scientific name) has many other names including the bladder cherry, Japanese-lantern, strawberry groundcherry, winter cherry, or Hozuki in Japanese. We know them as Chinese lantern fruit for their distinctive “lantern” like surround. In this article, we have been practicing some Chinese…

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2021 Adaptalux Round-up and Merry Christmas!

Hi all, Sam here, I cannot believe it’s time for my yearly update again, where has this year gone?! I hope everyone is doing well over Christmas and continuing to stay safe where possible. 2021, another rollercoaster of a year. Adaptalux has continued to do well and is stable, which is warming to see despite…

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