Adaptable photography lighting. Premium aesthetic and technical design for practical applications in the studio or field.

A lot has happened since we opened our doors in 2015 with our first successful kickstarter. Working mostly alone and from his garage, our founder Samuel Granger brought the Adaptalux Studio to life to solve the problem of lighting macro photographs – an issue Sam was dealing with in his own photography endeavors.

Since then we have continued to improve our LED photography lighting range, introduce Xenon flash, and set in motion many future (top secret) developments to expand our horizons!

We are a small UK based company and we pride ourselves on being able to produce premium quality products for our worldwide customer base. We are thankful for the support of each and every one of our customers as we couldn’t make these awesome products without you!

Our Mission

Our innovative design philosophy is at the core of everything we do. We strive to create high-quality, customisable and adaptable lighting products to raise the standard people expect from contemporary LED lighting.
about adaptalux Sam Granger

The product designer and Founder of Adaptalux. Sam’s love for macro photography was the influence for the creation of the Adaptalux Studio – an elegant solution to the problem of lighting. He continues to innovate, always working to improve our products and develop new and exciting ideas for the future.

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about adaptalux Ben Tuxworth

As our lead creative, Ben is never afraid to experiment with new photographic subjects and techniques whilst using the Adaptalux Studio. Having lent his hand to many genres for both professional and personal photography projects, macro is now the primary outlet for Ben’s creativity.

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About Adaptalux Billie

Billie takes charge of getting orders from our shelves to your doorstep. Her organisational skills also keep product assembly and QA flowing smoothly. When not packing Lighting Arms to perfection, Billie devotes her time to her pets, garden and taking in the lovely scenery of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

abaout adaptalux - martin

Martin’s endless pursuit of the latest camera models does not keep him from using his many years of business experience to keep us innovating and moving forward. As a published author on the subject, Martin is one of the leading minds in Lean and Lean Six Sigma business strategy.

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Adaptalux Timeline

November 2022

Another successful Kickstarter campaign introduces our latest development, the Pod Mini.

We raised over £51,000 to bring the new miniature Control Pod to market, thank you once again to our loyal customers and Kickstarter backers who continue to support our innovation!

March 2022

After many years in service, the Control Pod 2.0 is retired in favor of the new Control Pod 3.0.

The new control pod features a total redesign of the manual control scheme, a new look, improved battery life and connectivity.

February 2022

Xenon Flash Arms complete shipping to pre-orders and Kickstarter backers and become available for general purchase.

Having suffered delays due to COVID-19, we spent the time re-designing and perfecting the manufacturing process of the flash Arms for our patient and supportive backers to enjoy.

September 2021

The Photography Show 2021. It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces return to the show to visit our stand. The final prototypes of the Flash Lighting Arms were on display for people to experience for the first time.

We filmed the entire behind-the-scenes experience, click to see what we got up to.

March 2020

With the first lockdown in the UK, the Photography Show 2020 is canceled. Widespread disruption to workplaces and production lines caused delays to our production schedules.

With many people stuck indoors during worldwide lockdown measures, our team launched various macro photography competitions and challenges for the Adaptalux Photography Community Group on Facebook.

November 2019

Our latest Kickstarter campaign comes to a close, bringing another amazing addition to our product range. The Xenon Flash Arms raise over £55,000 from exactly 200 backers. Thank you to everyone that continues to support our innovative product range!

adaptalux Flash for macro photography

March 2019

Another amazing experience at The Photography Show. Exhibiting for the 3rd year in a row, it was a pleasure to see many familiar faces return to talk about all things macro and show off the new improvements to the system.

Sam & Ben running live demos on the stand.

August 2018

The Pod 2.0 is launched and the EFX Lighting Arms become available on our store. The Pod 2.0 hosts new features and improvements, including boost mode which allows for 5x more lighting power.

Adaptalux Studio Macro Photography Control Pod

March 2018

We exhibited at the Photography Show in Birmingham for the second year running with an even bigger stand. This year we took even more stock and carried on building on our success found at the show in 2017. Again, it was a pleasure to meet so many photographers who use Adaptalux Studio and was great to welcome many more customers to the Adaptalux Family.

Photography Show

Sam & Ben at The Photography Show 2018

January 2018

We accomplished another successful Kickstarter campaign. This time we set out to raise money for our latest additions to the Adaptalux Studio, the Adaptalux EFX Lighting Arms. These Arms bring even greater degrees of creativity to our customers, bringing UV, Laser and super bright white Lighting Arms to our customers. We raised £20,342 to bring these products to life thanks again to our amazing community.

EFX Lighting Arms Kickstarter

July 2017

Adaptalux enters a distribution deal with Wex Photographic. We would like the Adaptalux Studio to reach as many macro photographers as possible and with the largest UK photographic supplier in our corner, we are sure to introduce lots of new people to the world of creative macro photography lighting!

Adaptalux Studio Wex

Sam & Ben at the Wex Showroom in Norwich

March 2017

We exhibited at the Photography Show in Birmingham and sold out within the first 2 days! It was a pleasure to meet all of the photography enthusiasts, professionals and industry insiders that attended the show. Some had already heard of us, some came to learn about our macro lighting – we had a fantastic response to our products and will be back next year!

The Photography Show 2017

From left: Martin Brenig-Jones, James Granger, Sam Granger, Ben Tuxworth.

January 2017

Adaptalux completes its 2nd Kickstarter campaign for the Adaptalux Stabiliser. Raising £6,945, way over the £500 goal. The Adaptalux Stabiliser is then shortly shipped and launched, manufactured using additive manufacturing processes.


Adaptalux stabiliser

September 2016

Kickstarter backer rewards have all been shipped and so, The Adaptalux Studio is officially launched. A huge milestone for Adaptalux and all the hard work paid off!

Adaptalux Lighting Studio

January 2016

Production of the first units begins. Making the most of the Kickstarter funds, 1,000 Control Pods, 3,500 Lighting Arms and over 5,500 Diffusers/Colour Filters are assembled by hand in the UK. In true startup fashion, Sam works from his garage with help from family members to get the product ready to ship.

May 2015

Adaptalux comes to life. Our first ever Kickstarter campaign raises over £107,000 thanks to the 540 backers that supported the project.


September 2014

Sam Granger and Martin Brenig-Jones Co-found Adaptalux Ltd. The technology is patented and master prototypes are put into production. Sights are set on Kickstarter to find the investment needed to bring the product to market.

June 2014

Sam graduates from Bournemouth University with a first class degree with honours in Product Design (BSc) due in no small part to the project in his final year. The early designs of the Adaptalux Studio proved to be a great concept that could be developed further and help many other macro photographers solve the problem of lighting their images.

August 2013

Sam Granger begins to struggle with the challenges of macro photography lighting and decides to fix the problem himself. Sam dedicates his final year of university to designing a product that would suit the needs of macro phototographers.