Adaptable photography lighting. Premium aesthetic and technical design for practical applications in the studio or field.

A lot has happened since we opened our doors in 2015 with our first successful kickstarter. Working mostly alone and from his garage, our founder Samuel Granger brought the Adaptalux Studio to life to solve the problem of lighting macro photographs – an issue Sam was dealing with in his own photography endeavors.

Since then we have continued to improve our LED photography lighting range, introduce Xenon flash, and set in motion many future (top secret) developments to expand our horizons!

We are a small UK based company and we pride ourselves on being able to produce premium quality products for our worldwide customer base. We are thankful for the support of each and every one of our customers as we couldn’t make these awesome products without you!

Meet Our Core Team

about adaptalux Sam Granger

The product designer and Founder of Adaptalux. Sam’s love for macro photography was the influence for the creation of the Adaptalux Studio – an elegant solution to the problem of lighting. He continues to innovate, always working to improve our products and develop new and exciting ideas for the future.

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about adaptalux Ben Tuxworth

As our lead creative, Ben is never afraid to experiment with new photographic subjects and techniques whilst using the Adaptalux Studio. Having lent his hand to many genres for both professional and personal photography projects, macro is now the primary outlet for Ben’s creativity.

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About Adaptalux Billie

Billie takes charge of getting orders from our shelves to your doorstep. Her organisational skills also keep product assembly and QA flowing smoothly. When not packing Lighting Arms to perfection, Billie devotes her time to her pets, garden and taking in the lovely scenery of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

abaout adaptalux - martin

Martin’s endless pursuit of the latest camera models does not keep him from using his many years of business experience to keep us innovating and moving forward. As a published author on the subject, Martin is one of the leading minds in Lean and Lean Six Sigma business strategy.

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Adaptalux Timeline

Adaptalux is collaborating with Nottingham University to photograph exotic and rare macro subjects!

We’re collaborating with Nottingham University Exploring 1000s of macro subjects at Nottingham University – Watch on YouTube We have been invited to collaborate with the Biological Photography and Imaging course at Nottingham University. They have kindly given us access to their collection which includes everything from dinosaur bones to preserved insects. Biological Photography and Imaging…

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