The Adaptalux Studio is a modular macro lighting system that includes powerful and flexible LED lighting and Xenon Flash options.


Designed specifically for macro photography, The Adaptalux Studio is ideal for creative close-up photography and videography.

LED lighting for macro photography






Bend Lighting Arms into position.

Place light exactly where you need it.

A small light source, for small subjects.



Fully Adaptable to suit your needs.


The “always-on” LED Lighting Arms provide continuous light for your images.

See how every adjustment affects your images.


All new Xenon FLash Lighting Arms bring high power flash to the Adaptalux Studio.

Freeze motion and eliminate camera shake with short bursts of light.


Change between continuous light and flash in seconds.

Or use LED and Flash together in the same Control Pod.

Pod Mini and Pod 3

Ultimate control over lighting placement and direction.

The Pod Mini and Control Pod 3.0 can be used together or separately.

Adjust brightness and power individually for each Arm

Make changes manually, or wirelessly using Pod 3.0 and our free App.

Available on iOS and Android.

Wireless lighting bluetooth

Adjust the brightness and power for each individual arm.

Make changes manually, or wirelessly using the Control Pod 3.0 and our free App available on iOS and Android.

UV Macro photography lighting

Try Ultraviolet Photography with our UV Lighting Arms.

No camera modifications needed.

Captured by Taran Sohal
using Adaptlaux UV Lighting Arms.

Macro UV Lighting for photography
Adaptalux Studio macro photography lighting

Pods are the heart of the Adaptalux Studio System.

Adaptalux Pods

Control Pod 3.0

Bluetooth Control with 5 Ports


Adaptalux Studio Control Pod 3.0

Manual & Bluetooth Control.

Tactile & responsive power adjustment dial.

Adaptalux Studio Control Pod 3.0

Built-in USB-C rechargeable battery.

Dynamic power management for up to 12 hours use.

Mount the Pod 3.0 using the 1/4″-20 metal thread.

Attach to your camera, tripod, and other accessories.

Adaptalux Studio Control Pod 3.0

NEW – Pod Mini

Lightweight with a Single Port


Pod mini top view

Simple manual controls.

Fast adjustments using only 2 buttons.

Pod mini usb-c

Built-in USB-C rechargeable battery.

Dynamic power management for up to 8 hours use.

Pod Mini side view

Pod Mini now includes 1/4″-20 metal thread.

Use magnets, clamps, tripods and more for ultimate freedom in lighting placement!

Pod mini thread

Learn more about the Control Pod 3.0

(There’s a lot of features)

Learn more about the new Pod Mini

Small but powerful!

Add a splash of


Every Xenon Flash Arm comes with a set of flexible coloured gels.

Add colour to your flash images in seconds.

Flash Gels for macro
Colour filters for Adaptalux Studio

Use coloured LED Lighting Arms for bright and vivid highlights.

Magnetically attach Colour Filters for a soft wash of colour.

Beautiful soft light with easy diffusion.

Magnetically attach diffusers as needed.

Macro lighting diffusion
Twin macro flash system


Choose from a selection of pre-built packs

or use the pack builder to build a pack to suit your needs.

Enjoy 15% OFF EVERYTHING when you buy a custom or pre-built pack.

It gives daylight colour temperature, easy to use. Light intensity can be adjusted from mobile app. It is must for macro photography in my opinion. Very much satisfied with the product

Saurabh Bhattacharyya
10th February 2024

I have found the Adaptalux Studio pod and lighting arms to be very easy to use and versatile in their application. The products are of high quality and have proved to be very useful in my macro photography helping me to get light to exactly where I want it.

20th February 2024

I started with the mini pods and lighting arms for lightweight easy additional lighting. However then purchased the main pod and the brighter lighting arms which provide that extra detailed focus of light. Great effects. I’m impressed with the products and excellent customer service. Looking forward to the new flash arms when they come out.

18th February 2024

From pre purchase through to after sales, there is always a prompt and friendly response from a real person during office hours, rather than an automated response. If out of hours, communications are always answered next day.
Dispatch of their excellent products is very fast, well packed and tracked.

7th February 2024

I received this pack in December and have begun using it to help light my macro subjects. The lighting arms make a big difference, allowing me to use a much shorter shutter time. I am waiting for the adapters to be delivered to allow the mounts I bought to be fitted to the Pod Minis. These adapters will enable me to position the pods and lighting arms more precisely and become more creative.

7th January 2024

Recently purchased. Still getting used to using the components. I am looking to develop my skills doing iris photography. Enjoying the portability and ease of use.

7th January 2024

I have been using the control pod/lighting arms for a little bit now and Really have had no issues with the product.
Really appreciate the control available through the App on the smart phone and save different profiles, allowing all the control of the lighting.

21st December 2023

I recently received my Christmas package with the Adaptalux Pod starter kit. I’m impressed with the setup and ease of use of the pod with the cell phone app. My primary use will be macro photography of mosses using my Canon Rebel SL1 with EFS-60 macro lens. I am enjoying the ability to shoot without a flash yet still have plenty of light and be able to shut the f stop down for sufficient depth of field. The coloured background cards are handy!

29th December 2023

I left a review on my product but I also want to leave a review on your customer service. I give you five stars for your quick response to my questions as well as how quickly I received my product. I am thoroughly happy with your company.

16th December 2023

I’m really pleased with my Mini Pods. I like how they can be repositioned easily and how I can focus light onto a small portion of my subject.

16th December 2023

It’s not often, when opening a parcel, I smile. After receiving the beautifully packaged lighting system I realised this was money well spent. I suspect there has been an incredible amount of effort in the design and execution of Adaptalux and would highly recommend purchasing. I popped onto chat and the Gentlemen I dealt with were patient, courteous and informative. I’m recovering from major surgery, finally being able to play around and can’t wait to make a hash of it all as i’m pretty hopeless when it comes to artificial lighting, but confident i’ll crack it with their excellent products and supportive backing. Best wishes and good luck for the future.

13th December 2023

Great light source for macro and close-up subjects. Composing in live view, using in-body focus bracketing and auto focus makes a macro photo session a joy.

10th December 2023

So far, Ben has been my only contact at Adaptalux and he has been my EVERYTHING! Amazing customer service! In spite of me being in the US and he in the UK, my emails to him (and there have been many) are quickly and thoroughly answered. He has been happy to work with me on a couple of different issues and everything has worked out great! So happy to have not only found SUPERIOR products but customer service that matches that quality. I am going to be a long term customer with this company! Thank you Ben, for all that you have helped me with!

22nd November 2023

I first purchased the Adaptalux Studio at the Photography Show around 2016 (ish) this was the original adaptalux pod. I bought a kit. Over the years I have added UV arms and upgraded to the new improved POD recently. I have also just purchased the green lighting arm for some Christmas projects. If you have not watched the YouTube Channel you really need to do so. So many ideas and very well presented.

21st November 2023

Really love the system. Easy to set up shoot, and control the settings via the app for the main pod. The mini pod is great for side or backlight. Just had one shoot with uv light so far and can’t wait to do more.

15th November 2023

For over 15 years, I have been volunteering within the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) dealing with macro photography. They require quality imagery of the objects, and lighting is key to that. I followed the Adaptalux system, but it was above our needs.
Adaptalux then produced the Pod Mini, a pair of lamps, with diffusers. The British Museum purchased a set for me to test. They are a game changer in the use of lights for the macro photography of small the objects, rings, brooches etc. and coins. They are very easy to set up and adjust as key and fill lights, using the camera live view screen.
Brilliant, thank you Ben, for your advice and great customer service with the system.

7th November 2023

… have just dipped my toe in the water and purchased a mini, base, light, clamp and defuser. Really pleased the product oozes quality and is beautifully made and performs well. Everything about the company from the website, product, packaging and support has attention to detail. I’m so pleased I went down this route and will be adding items to my set up.

6th November 2023

The lighting arms are very well built and provide a most excellent light. Very easy to set up and focus.

25th October 2023