The Adaptalux Studio is a modular macro lighting system that includes powerful and flexible LED lighting and Xenon Flash options.


Designed specifically for macro photography, The Adaptalux Studio is ideal for creative close-up photography and videography.

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Learn how the Adaptalux System works.

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Build your new lighting!

macro LED Light source

Quick Links.

Video Demo

Learn how the Adaptalux System works.

Inspiration & Tutorials

Macro Ideas to try at home.

Product Reviews

Read our customer feedback.

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Build your new lighting!

LED lighting for macro photography






Bend Lighting Arms into position.

Place light exactly where you need it.

A small light source, for small subjects.



Fully Adaptable to suit your needs.


The “always-on” LED Lighting Arms provide continuous light for your images.

See how every adjustment affects your images.


All new Xenon FLash Lighting Arms bring high power flash to the Adaptalux Studio.

Freeze motion and eliminate camera shake with short bursts of light.


Change between continuous light and flash in seconds.

Or use LED and Flash together in the same Control Pod.

Pod Mini and Pod 3

Ultimate control over lighting placement and direction.

The Pod Mini and Control Pod 3.0 can be used together or separately.

Adjust brightness and power individually for each Arm

Make changes manually, or wirelessly using Pod 3.0 and our free App.

Available on iOS and Android.

Wireless lighting bluetooth

Adjust the brightness and power for each individual arm.

Make changes manually, or wirelessly using the Control Pod 3.0 and our free App available on iOS and Android.

UV Macro photography lighting

Try Ultraviolet Photography with our UV Lighting Arms.

No camera modifications needed.

Captured by Taran Sohal
using Adaptlaux UV Lighting Arms.

Macro UV Lighting for photography
Adaptalux Studio macro photography lighting

Pods are the heart of the Adaptalux Studio System.

Adaptalux Pods

Control Pod 3.0

Bluetooth Control with 5 Ports


Adaptalux Studio Control Pod 3.0

Manual & Bluetooth Control.

Tactile & responsive power adjustment dial.

Adaptalux Studio Control Pod 3.0

Built-in USB-C rechargeable battery.

Dynamic power management for up to 12 hours use.

Mount the Pod 3.0 using the 1/4″-20 metal thread.

Attach to your camera, tripod, and other accessories.

Adaptalux Studio Control Pod 3.0

NEW – Pod Mini

Lightweight with a Single Port


Pod mini top view

Simple manual controls.

Fast adjustments using only 2 buttons.

Pod mini usb-c

Built-in USB-C rechargeable battery.

Dynamic power management for up to 8 hours use.

Pod Mini side view

Pod Mini now includes 1/4″-20 metal thread.

Use magnets, clamps, tripods and more for ultimate freedom in lighting placement!

Pod mini thread

Learn more about the Control Pod 3.0

(There’s a lot of features)

Learn more about the new Pod Mini

Small but powerful!

Add a splash of


Every Xenon Flash Arm comes with a set of flexible coloured gels.

Add colour to your flash images in seconds.

Flash Gels for macro
Colour filters for Adaptalux Studio

Use coloured LED Lighting Arms for bright and vivid highlights.

Magnetically attach Colour Filters for a soft wash of colour.

Beautiful soft light with easy diffusion.

Magnetically attach diffusers as needed.

Macro lighting diffusion
Twin macro flash system


Choose from a selection of pre-built packs

or use the pack builder to build a pack to suit your needs.

Enjoy 15% OFF EVERYTHING when you buy a custom or pre-built pack.

The ultraviolet lighting arm is a must-have for this surreal photography world. Simple setup – I produced fantastic otherworldly images in minutes. Just get used to working in the dark and be patient, adjusting exposures. There are lots of resources available on the website. Unlocks new creative possibilities with unique glowing results unlike traditional lighting. Highly recommended for photographers​​​​​​​​​​ wanting to try something new

7th June 2024

Having used and loved the regular arms and the Xenon Flash arms I thought I would try the UV lighting. A good decision. They need a blacked out room and tripods because of long exposures. The results are spectacular and very different. Unlike other UV lights I have tried, these give off a pure UV light. If you are considering trying UVIVF photography you will enjoy it. I have 3 arms but plan to buy two more. I can recommend the Adaptalux UV arms.

24th May 2024

II bought the complete kit, the one with the UV light. So far I have tested the UV lamps the results are really impressive, next test will be the flowers with and without tonic water. As for the colored lamps, I tried the paper effects and a few miniature photos and I am more and more impressed, the only regret is that I should have made this purchase much earlier. Now I’m impatiently waiting for the Flash Zenon to come back in stock.
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your good work on your channel, the examples and ideas you give are very good and the explanations are always very clear.

4th May 2024

Love my flower results with UV lighting arms. Only thing I had to correct: should have gotten 3 rather than just 2 UV arms.

14th May 2024

First off, it works exactly as advertised. The arms snap in and out easily and produce beautiful color precisely where you want them. I started in macro photography last year and wasn’t pleased with the lighting solutions was using. I am so happy to have found the studio pod. It’s already had a real, and beautiful impact on my photos. Also, the background cards included with the purchase are extremely handy and were a greatly appreciated bonus.

15th May 2024

Even though the parcel to Norway took a long time due to a PayPal problem. I am very satisfied with the product. Everything is ok.
Regards. Nice product.

17th May 2024

I am really enjoying my experience with Adaptalux. I dove in headfirst and purchased both control pods, 5 UV arms, and an assortment of other arms & accessories. It’s amazing to see what and how various things fluoresce – things opens up a whole new genre of photo opportunities!

Peter L
18th May 2024

Although I haven’t had the chance to use the system yet, I have conducted several dry run mock-ups in preparation for getting out this weekend. I primarily purchased the system for outdoor macro photography and I am sure it will more than fulfil my requirements.

3rd May 2024

Hey everyone, just wanted to share my thoughts on the Adaptalux Studio Ultimate Pack. As someone who loves tinkering with photography but isn’t a pro, this thing is a game-changer! Setting it up was surprisingly easy. No complicated manuals or tech jargon—just plug and play. And the results? Mind-blowing! The lighting is on point, bringing out details I never knew existed in my macro shots. But what I love most is how it’s helping me learn. Experimenting with different lighting setups is like a fun puzzle, and I can see myself improving with each shot. It’s like having a mini photography workshop in my own home.

Mat Dudley
19th April 2024

I added 3 UV arms to my Adaptalux outfit. UVIVF has added a new dimension to my photography. They are easy to use (a white handkerchief is an easy way to see where the UV light falls). The results can be spectacular. If you are thinking about buying UV Arms go for it. You will not regret it.

15th April 2024

Flexible rods are very useful but the versatility of the setup also allows you to accomplish macro targets that are challenging.

21st March 2024

I was impressed by the packaging of the delivered items. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I’ve been busy photographing wildlife outside, so I really haven’t had a change to use my A. Studio. As soon as we start getting some flora and fauna, I may try it outdoors. It’s still pretty bare on the landscape here in New England, USA. I will be setting up a macro area in my studio soon. I can wait to try it all out.

Cathy W.
29th March 2024

Great product! From ordering, to shipping to receiving the Adaptalux kit was simple, received when stated. When I had questions , they were answered in a timely fashion. Great experience.

Cosimo Cavaliere
28th February 2024

A really useful quality LED Lighting Kit for macro tabletop photography. Excellent Adaptalux web site for instruction and technique on using the kit. Highly recommended.

11th March 2024

I updated my version 1 pod to version 3 due to the boost mode, which I like for iris-photography.
It is not a cheap tool, but for macro-photography the best on the market.

4th March 2024

It gives daylight colour temperature, easy to use. Light intensity can be adjusted from mobile app. It is must for macro photography in my opinion. Very much satisfied with the product

Saurabh Bhattacharyya
10th February 2024

I have found the Adaptalux Studio pod and lighting arms to be very easy to use and versatile in their application. The products are of high quality and have proved to be very useful in my macro photography helping me to get light to exactly where I want it.

20th February 2024

I started with the mini pods and lighting arms for lightweight easy additional lighting. However then purchased the main pod and the brighter lighting arms which provide that extra detailed focus of light. Great effects. I’m impressed with the products and excellent customer service. Looking forward to the new flash arms when they come out.

18th February 2024