The Adaptalux Studio System is highly customizable, including choices of lights, colours and effects. The Pack Builder will walk you through the products you need for a complete Adaptalux Studio pack.

You pack will include:

  • Control Pod 2.0.
  • Lighting Arms of your choice.
  • Optional Filters & Diffusers.
  • Optional Accessories & Extras.
  • 1 x Cold shoe adaptor for camera mounting.
  • 1 x USB cable.
  • 1 x Power adapter of your choice.
  • 2 x Gradient background cards.

Save up to 25%

Packs have the best value for money when getting started with Adaptalux Lighting. Add a Control Pod and Lighting Arms to your pack to start saving!

Level up your pack and discount by adding more Lighting Arms. The discount level will be applied to all Lighting Arms and Filters in your pack!

Adaptalux Lighting Studio Starter Pack
Adaptalux Lighting Studio Combo Pack
Adaptalux Studio Ultimate Pack


Use the pack builder to add products and choose options.