Welcome to the

Adaptalux Macro Photography Awards

Welcome to the Adaptalux Macro Photography Awards (AMPA).

An annual macro photography competition celebrating the world of Macro and close-up Photography!

Enter below for your chance to win a grand prize of £250 and some Adaptalux Lighting!


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AMPA 2024 Prizes
Macro Photography Competition
Winner of the adaptalux macro photography competition

Macro Photographer of the year

£250 cash prize

Adaptalux Macro Lighting Starter Pack

Engraved Trophy

Framed certificate

Use of the Macro Photographer of the year logo

Adaptalux Macro photography competition runner-up



Adaptalux Macro Lighting Starter Pack

Framed certificate

Use of Runner-up logo

Adaptalux macro photography awards shortlist



Use of the Shortlisted logo.

Bragging rights!

Competition timeline

March 2024

Entries are now open! Submit your photographs for consideration!

September 2024

Entries will close for judging on 30th September 2024

October 2024

Shortlisted images announced – We will be in touch if your image is shortlisted

December 2024

Winners announced – The macro photographer of the year will be announced!

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Additional info & Rules

Macro Photography Competition Rules & Info

  • Images must be submitted via the form on this page. Images submitted by other means will not be considered.
  • Your work must be your own and you must be the full and sole copyright holder of your image, If we suspect that images are not your own, you may risk all entries being disqualified.
  • This is a macro and close-up photography competition. Although images do not have to be strictly 1:1 macro scale, we encourage you to get close to your subject and use creative photography techniques in doing so. Images that are not close-up photography will not be considered.
  • No AI images. The use of AI to generate macro images is not allowed. If you submit AI generated images, it may result in all of your entries being disqualified.
  • Images don’t need to be taken using Adaptalux equipment, but please feel free to provide information on how your shot was taken.
  • You can enter as many times as you like, but please make your entries distinct from one another and do not spam low effort entries.
  • Don’t enter anything you wouldn’t want to be shared on our website, videos and other promotional material and messages relating to the awards.
  • All images will be judged based on several artistic criteria. If your images is shortlisted, we will contact you and may ask for further information and details from you.
  • By entering and submitting your image, you agree to the full competition terms and conditions.
Submit an Image

    Please DO…

    ✅ Experiment with photographic styles and techniques.

    ✅ Elaborate on your reasons and motivations for your images.

    ✅ Submit close-up and macro photographs you have taken yourself.

    ✅ Submit multiple distinctly different images.


    Please DO NOT…

    ❌ Submit images that are not Macro or close-up photography.

    ❌ Submit images that are not your own.

    ❌ Submit AI generated content.

    ❌ “Spam” multiple entries of the same or similar images.


    Make sure you have read the full Rules, Terms & Conditions.