Xenon Flash

The Adaptalux Studio is a modular macro lighting system that includes powerful and flexible Xenon Flash lighting.


Place the small but powerful flash heads into the tightest spaces to freeze motion and get the most creative shots possible.

Twin macro flash system

Lighting Arms are flexible. Position your light exactly where you need it.

Control your light with masterful precision.


Control the power of your flash via Bluetooth.

Use our app to choose between 5 flash speeds, available on iOS and Android.

small photography flash

Freeze fast-moving subjects.

No more motion blur or camera shake.

Lighting for water splash photography

Control the power of every arm independently.

Fine-tune your lighting from every direction.

Adaptalux macro flash lighting setup
Adaptalux Flash lighting arm

Specifically for
Macro & Close-up

Adaptalux Flash lighting arm

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Powerful light
in hard to reach spaces.

Watch the Flash arms in action.

flash IR emitter

Trigger arms remotely using modulated IR.

Enough working distance for any macro subject.

Compatible with all modern camera systems.

If your camera has a hotshoe, we have it covered.

Replaceable AAA Batteries.

Up to 5 days of continuous use.

Mount the Control Pod on or off-camera.

Portable and versatile indoors and out.

Flash IR emitter

Shop for Xenon Flash pre-built packs.

Or build a custom pack.

Learn more about white lighting solutions.

LED and Xenon Flash.

Don’t limit your creativity!

Every Flash Arm comes with 10 Gels.

Add colour and diffusion.

Adaptalux Flash lighting arm

Use Pro Hoods to further control and diffuse your light.

Hoods fit over Gels, use colour and diffusion together.

Honeycomb for macro flash

Honeycomb Hood

Limits the lateral spread of light, forming a tighter beam with no diffusion

Diffusion for macro flash

Area Diffusion Hood

Diffuses and spreads light over a wide area, perfect for filling larger spaces with soft light.

Difusion for macro flash

Directional Diffusion Hood

Diffuses light without allowing light to spill from the sides of the flash head.

xenon flash macro photography lighting

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