Ultraviolet light source for UVIVF photography


Ultraviolet Photography captures the natural fluorescence in the world around us.


Create this spectacular effect with no camera modifications and a shallow learning curve using our dedicated macro UV light source.

UVIVF photography flower

Pure UV light makes subjects glow

in unique and unexpected colours.



Capture the beautiful fluorescence of your subjects

using any camera and lens.



Our 365nm peak wavelength UV Lighting arms

reveal the unseen colours in your subjects.

Lichen Macro PhotographyXanthoria parietina Maritime sunburst lichen Ultraviolet Macro Photography

Amazing colours are created by different subjects.


Move the slider to see the change.

UV kiwi fruitKiwi Fruit

Most living things have a little natural fluorescence, some more than others.



Man-made objects can glow too, depending on the chemicals within them.

Blacklight photography light source

Try UV photography today with Adaptalux Studio UV Lighting Arms.


Like magic!

The UV lighting arm combines a UV LED and a UV Band Pass Filter to block the visible spectrum. It only allows invisible pure UV light to reach the subject.


This is UV Lighting designed to get true UV fluorescence photography results, without the light contamination of normal UV light sources like flashlights and blacklight bulbs.


The UV light is absorbed by the subject and re-emitted as visible light, allowing us to see the subject “glow”. This is Ultraviolet Induced Visible Fluorescence (UVIVF)


Remove all other light from the environment to enhance the effect. The light created by the subject will be the only source of light. We can capture the visible light using a long exposure.

This opal creates its own visible light when supplied with pure UV.

Ultraviolet lighting for UV photography
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UV macro photography lighting

Get started with UV Photography with our pre-built UV Starter Pack or add UV arms to your Adaptalux Studio custom pack.