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White LED light source for macro photography

Versatile white light

A highly adaptable white light source with a wide beam angle. Use with colour filters for softer coloured effects.

Adaptalux Macro Diffuser

50% Diffusion

Diffusion for medium-high brightness. Softens harsh shadows. Recommended for use with Pod 2.0 "boost mode".

Adaptalux Macro Diffuser

30% Diffusion

The softest diffuser. Softens shadows without removing too much light.

White LED light source for macro photography

Super bright white

Powerful and focused white light with a TIR lens and narrow beam angle.

pure UV light source for macro photography

Pure Ultraviolet

A 365nm UV light source for UVIVF photography via long exposure.

Adaptalux Macro Diffuser

70% Diffusion

Maximum diffusion. Reduces very harsh shadows, recommended for Arm-S Lighting Arms.

Blue LED light source for macro photography

Vivid blue light

Add deep blue tones to your images. Perfect for abstract or sci-fi scenes.

Red LED light source for macro photography

Powerful red light

Add red colour into your photos. Effective for adding drama to scenes or adding coloured highlights.

Yellow colour filter for photography

A warm yellow hue

Make warm colours pop and add a summertime vibe to your scenes.

Red colour filter for photography

A fiery red hue

Add drama to a scene or enhance the colours of red petals.

Green LED light source for macro photography

Rich green light

Add bright greens to your images, use with a diffuser for natural shades.

Blue colour filter for photography

A cool blue hue

Enhance the colours of water or add a cold vibe to your images.


Green colour filter for photography

A natural green hue

Enhance the colours of foliage and complement organic subjects.

Orange LED light source for macro photography

Firey orange light

Add warm highlights and coloured effects to your images.

Orange colour filter for photography

A warming orange hue

Provide a warming glow to your scene or highlight the colours in gold jewellery.

Adaptalux Control Pod 3.0

The Heart of the Adaptalux Studio System

Built-in rechargeable battery power. 5 Lighting Arm ports with individual manual and Bluetooth brightness control.

Pink colour filter for photography

A pleasing pink hue

Complement colourful flowers or add a pleasing tint to colourless areas.

Purple colour filter for photography

A mysterious purple hue

Introduce Sci-fi colour schemes to your images or invoke a feeling of mysticism.

Apexel 100mm clip-on lens for handy smartphone phone macro photography.

Also known as the Apexel Professional phone macro lens.

Adaptalux Background Gradient cards
12 Unique gradients to introduce extra colour into the background of your macro shots.
Cyan colour filter for photography

A chilled cyan hue

A subtle way to cool off the colours in your photos. Makes blues pop and whites seem colder.

xenon flash lighting arm

A fast flash of powerful white light.

Ideal for freezing fast-moving subjects. Includes a set of 10 gels for diffusion and colour.


Softshell Photography Lighting Case

Softshell storage and transport case.

Weatherproof and durable, you can take your Adaptalux Studio anywhere and safely store your equipment.

Adaptalux Stabiliser

Provides low-level support for off-camera mounting.

Go-Pro style Hot shoe mount

Camera Hotshoe Mount.

Shoot handheld in the field by mounting your Control Pod to the camera or other "Go-Pro" style Accessories.

Mini Tripod

Adjustable tabletop support.

Added stability and placement options for off-camera Adaptalux Lighting setups and other accessories. Includes removable ball-head attachment.

macro flash diffusion attachment

Wide diffusion for Flash Lighting Arms

Add extra diffusion and illuminate a wide area. Can be used in addition to gels.

magnetic diffusion for Flash Lighting Arms

Directional diffusion for Flash Lighting Arms

Diffuse light in a single direction, with no sideways spill. Can be used in addition to gels.

Trigger Flash Lighting Arms remotely via IR.

Connects to the hotshoe of any camera and can optionally mount the Control Pod.

Macro Subject Holder

Secure your subjects and background cards in position

A dynamic macro subject holder with 4 fully flexible and sturdy arms.

Honeycomb attachment for flash

Directional control for Flash Lighting Arms

Prevent unwanted light spill from the sides of your flash. Can be used in addition to gels.

Apexel 2 in 1 12/24x clip-on lens for high magnification mobile phone macro photography.

Compatible with 98% of smartphones!

Hotshoe Radio Trigger for Flash

Remote connection to the camera hotshoe.

Use the Adaptalux Emitter independently to your camera for extra flexibility or with 3rd party Flash products.

Camera hot shoe mount back view

Mount your Control Pod to your Camera.

Full metal design with tilt and swivel control and locking wheels for a secure fit to any camera.

Adaptalux Baseball cap iso view

Use your Adaptalux Studio in style.