All of the images on this page were taken using the Adaptalux Studio.

The showcase badges show where an image came from.


Community Star

A photo hero from our community of Adaptalux Customers. Photographers from every corner of the world use the Adaptalux Studio for their work, and regularly send the results to us. You can show off your own work in our Facebook community, or email us at


Professional Feature

Images from a pro photographer using the Adaptalux Studio in their work. We occasionally feature talented individuals on our blog where they talk in detail about their work and their experiences with our lighting system. If you’re interested in being featured in an article or the showcase, get in touch!


Adaptalux Article

The team at Adaptalux are passionate photographers too. We’re always experimenting with new ideas & techniques using the Adaptalux Studio. Wherever you see this badge, there is an additional article and video tutorial exploring how the image was created, visit the blog to see more.

Red Wattle

Gillian Dite 🇦🇺

Wattle Flowers are always yellow in colour. This mutant form of Acacia leprosa was propagated from cuttings in order to retain the red flowers.

Gillian Dite Red Wattle setup
Gillian Dite Red Wattle

Inner Light

🇫🇷 Eric Chatelain

This image demonstrates how a simple subject like a shell can make for a beautiful photograph.

Using the highly controllable light from the Adapalux Studio, Eric was able to balance light and shadow to great effect.


Iris Portrait

Cosmic Eye 🇺🇸

Cosmic Eye uses Adaptalux Lighitng to transform the mesmerizing beauty of people’s eyes into breathtaking works of art. Their mission is to provide customers with the most detailed and authentic representation of their eyes on a macro scale.


Weardale Fluorite

PHDMinerals 🇨🇦

A stunning example of controlling the reflections on a complex subject. This Fluoride specimen found it’s way to Canada from Lady Anabella Mine in Weardale, UK.

Lady Annabella fluorite PDHMinerals
Julie Powell Food Photography


🇦🇺 Julie Powel

Julie demonstrates how to photograph food using Adaptalux Lighting and a mobile phone!



Blue Ice

🇺🇸 William Carpenter

This image of an ice cube captures the details of each water droplet. William used two blue Lighting Arms to add a dash of complementary colour to the ice – a notoriously difficult subject to photograph.



Cynthia Miller 🇬🇧

Cynthia used her Adaptalux Xenon Flash Lighting Arms to capture this stunning petal in all of its detail.

Don Komarechka UV Photography

Fountain of Fluorescence

🇨🇦 Don Komarechka

As an expert in exotic photographic methods and equipment, Don used Adaptalux UV Lighting Arms to create this stunning UV image of a South African succulent flower. Taken in complete darkness, this flower glows in amazing colours due to the phenomena we call Ultraviolet induced visible fluorescence.

Read about Don and his methods via the article below.



Weeping Fungi

🇨🇦 Blair Govan

This photograph of fungi weeping throughout a growth spurt was captured as a focus stack of 177 images. See more of Blair’s work on Instagram


Ghost Mantis

 Tonya Wilhelm 🇺🇸

As an internationally published and award-winning photographer Tonya uses the coloured light of the Adaptalux Studio to set her work apart.

Read more about how she uses her skills to create drama and intrigue in her shots in her article.

Adaptalux Studio Setup


Lily in the Light

Andrew Wilson 🇬🇧

Accentuating the shape of the spathe (the white leaf) was Andrew’s main goal with this image. Shot on a dark winter evening, the only light needed was that of 2 Adaptalux Lighting Arms with diffusers.


Andrew used a trick of holding the lens cap close to the lens hood to softly block out the bottom part of the photo, capturing the subtle drop off of light in-camera rather than fading it out in post-processing.



Hypnotic Hexagons

This abstract geometric art was created using a simple 3D printed hexagon toy and some coloured light from the Adaptalux Studio. A sheet of white paper acts as diffusion under the silhouette of the plastic.



Gerbera Daisy

🇬🇧 Cynthia Miller

Cynthia used a combination of Adaltapux Flash and LED lighting, along with a Control Pod 3.0 and a Pod Mini to capture this beautiful flower.


Colourful Lily

Jeremy Rutherford 🇺🇸

Jeremy used a blue and red Lighting Arm as well as 2 white arms to completely change the look of this Lily, turning it into a colorful masterpiece!

See more of Jeremy’s work on his website:

Millennium Falcon Start wars photography

Star Wars Figures

🇬🇧 Darren Littlehales

Darren uses a micro-fogger within his handmade sets to provide atmosphere for the lighting in his Star Wars scenes.

Read about how Darren creates his scenes in his article on our blog.


Colliding Drops

This capture shows two drops of milk colliding in mid-air. Captured using our new Xenon Flash Lighting Arms.

See more on Instagram