Pre-built Packs

A pack is the best way to get started with the Adaptalux Studio.

Select from the recommended pre-built packs below, or use the Pack Builder to create your own.

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Every pack includes;

  • Charging cables and regional adaptor (selected in the pack)
  • Coldshoe adaptor for mounting the pod to your camera.
  • Welcome pack with 2 unique complementary Background cards

Build a larger pack or select custom colours and quantities.

Use the pack builder to customise your lighting to suit your needs.

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LED Macro Photography Lighting -Adaptalux StudioAdaptalux Studio ultimate packOut of stock

Macro Photography Ultimate Pack

LED Macro Lighting -Adaptalux Studiocoloured LED Macro photography Lighting -Adaptalux StudioOut of stock

Macro Photography Combo Pack | Nature

LED Macro Lighting -Adaptalux StudioLED Macro photography Lighting -Adaptalux StudiPOut of stock

Macro Photography Combo Pack | Sci-fi

Coloured LED Macro Lighting -Adaptalux StudioLED Macro Photography Lighting -Adaptalux StudioOut of stock

Macro Photography Combo Pack | White

LED Macro Lighting -Adaptalux StudioLED Macro Photography Lighting -Adaptalux StudioOut of stock

Macro Photography Starter Pack | Colour

LED Macro Lighting -Adaptalux StudioLED Macro Lighting -Adaptalux Studio Starter PackOut of stock

Macro Photography Starter Pack | White

Definitely the best lightning system ever for photography!


A very versatile solution to macro photography! The quality of the system is wonderful. We are rare coin dealers so the system does work well for that purpose.


Very well engineered and very practical for serious macro photographers


Very innovative lighting set up and great customer service


The Adaptalux Studio proved invaluable in letting me position lights of different colors and intensities to illuminate not only macro scenes but also still life compositions.


The Adaptalux studio lights and filters do exactly what they promise and give great results. And I’m a big fan of their YouTube videos giving lots of tips for new macro subjects and techniques. Their customer support is also rapid and effective. Maybe a small company but perfectly formed!


The uses of the individual light sources on the object is ingenious. It’s like post-processing images in the beginning…


So easy from purchase to delivery to follow up. Great quality product. Really versatile. I love the UV lamps, still practicing to get my camera settings right though.

Andrea Maloney

Great controllable lighting system that is perfect for Macro photography


The studio system was easy to set up and use. So many possibilities with the colours available


A clever and well thought out dedicated design for macro photography. Great flexibility for lighting angles and colors for small subjects.


I purchased 3 UV arms and the pod. I love the lights and the app really makes them easy to use.


I love the flexibility to manage the light intensity and position of the arms.


Love the system. I even ordered the carry case to put them in. The box they came in was good, but I just wanted better protection and easy access.
Love the lights and the MACRO video ideas you share.


One of the best things I’ve got in my kit, totally flexible, easy to use and with amazing results.


I was impressed with what I saw on Youtube and thought this is something even I could use, and I was right. With everything being compact as they are, it is quite easy to maneuver around just about any set up I can come up with.


I use 2 Arms, white and red and illuminated my subject from the top. The effect was really great and it is easy to change the settings with the downloaded app.


Excellent customer service. Very quick delivery. Fantastic advice given if you are hesitant about purchasing these lights or any Adaptalux equipment.


I purchased a basic built my own set with four arms. I shoot mostly weddings and was looking for lighting my macro ring shots. This system certainly opened me up to many creative options.
It’s easy to use and the results are fantastic.
Fast shipping
Great customer service


I was drawn to the Adatalux system by the color arms and filters. Both have worked great to this point, and I’m still experimenting.


My workspace is quite small and I don’t have room for lighting stands and sophisticated lighting equipment. The Adaptalux Studio will work nicely in my limited space.


This is a great product. It has completely changed my macro photos. It is so flexible and easy to use.


The adaptalux setup provides customizable lighting for any type of photostand.


I have set up some flowers inside for trying out my lighting arm, and adjusted the angle of the arm to try and get the best shot.


I recommend Adaptalux, a tool not to be missed for our creativity in photography


It allows for a surprising amount of precision and control of the light, especially at such a small scale.

Aaron D

Since receiving my Adaptalux Studio lighting it has been a game changer. The flexibility that it provides and the ability to the light and more so the color of the lighting is exactly what I was looking for.


Easy to use and the app to control the arms is awesome. Would highly recommend it. Customer service has been excellent and responsive.


I recently completed Macro video filming of Gemstones and Jewellery for a Japanese National Television program. The very well built Adaptalux kit helped me get some amazing shots and the producers were not only impressed with the kit but how the images turned out and the kind of intricate control I had over the lighting.


It really is super. It’s compact and easy to use. The light it produces is beautiful and easy to manage. I do a lot of petal portraits and this really helps to reveal their hidden beauty and personality. It really is an incredible value.