& Responsibility

Without healthy ecosystems to support plant, animal and insect life, macro photography would be a lot less interesting.

We’re making efforts to reduce our impact on the environment and reduce waste.

No More Plastic Waste.

We’re completely cutting out the use of any single use plastic packaging from our lighting products.

Our lighting packs contain a lot of individual components that need to be protected during shipment, we don’t want a pile of plastic bags in a landfill once you have your products!

We have replaced plastic bags and packing chips with non-toxic alternatives made using plant based starch. This makes them biodegradable and compostable at home!

Why is this important?

Reducing C02 Emissions

Carbon Dioxide is released in the process of turning oil into plastic. Although some plastics will always necessary, plastics that only get used once and thrown away are wasteful and can be effectively replaced with alternatives with less impact on our environment.


Safer Ecosystems for Wildlife

Waste plastic, especially bags and bottles, affect the health and wellbeing of all kinds of animal species. Birds, fish and land creatures can all mistake plastics for food, or get stuck in plastic containers, causing pain, injury and death. The huge quantities of discarded waste plastics don’t decompose or degrade and can last for 100s if not 1000s of years.


Healthy Humans

When waste plastics do degrade, or are eaten by wildlife, they create microplastics that find their way into our food chains. We probably don’t have to tell you that eating plastic is bad, but it’s a worldwide problem that is only getting worse.

Save the trees!

We have always used cardboard for our packaging, but it’s important to note that ours is locally sourced from UK manufacturers and fully recyclable to be used again and again!

The card for our boxes is 80% recycled and the other 20% comes from responsibly managed forests. We only use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified manufacturers and you will find the FSC certification on our boxes.

Why is this important?

Protecting Biodiversity

Forests do more than just provide us with resources. They are home to diverse species of plant, animal and insect life. We don’t want the trees used in providing our macro photography products to impact the opportunities for macro photography in our world!


Reversing Climate Change

Cutting down forests speeds up the impact of climate change. Sustainably managing forests aids in the capture and storage of carbon not only in the trees, but the other plants and animals that live in these environments. While using card instead of plastics is great, we still don’t want to use more than we have to.


Helping Humanity

Healthy forests provide homes and resources to many communities around the world. They are a source of clean air and water and without them, we would all be worse off. We don’t want to contribute to deforestation in places that rely on these resources.

We want you to be comfortable knowing that the products you buy are not causing damage to the world you love to photograph.  If you have any questions about our products or packaging, please feel free to contact us.