Xenon Flash is brand new to the Adaptalux Studio and now available for purchase. Freeze the motion of subjects, eliminate camera shake and get powerful light into tight spaces.

You can learn more about flash Lighting here.

PLEASE NOTE: Flash Lighting Arms require both a Control Pod and a Flash Emitter to function. If you do not already own one, please add these items to your basket before checkout.

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xenon flash lighting arm

A fast flash of powerful white light.

Ideal for freezing fast-moving subjects. Includes a set of 10 gels for diffusion and colour.


Trigger Flash Lighting Arms remotely via IR.

Connects to the hotshoe of any camera and can optionally mount the Control Pod.

macro flash diffusion attachment

Wide diffusion for Flash Lighting Arms

Add extra diffusion and illuminate a wide area. Can be used in addition to gels.

magnetic diffusion for Flash Lighting Arms

Directional diffusion for Flash Lighting Arms

Diffuse light in a single direction, with no sideways spill. Can be used in addition to gels.

Honeycomb attachment for flash

Directional control for Flash Lighting Arms

Prevent unwanted light spill from the sides of your flash. Can be used in addition to gels.

Hotshoe Radio Trigger for Flash

Remote connection to the camera hotshoe.

Use the Adaptalux Emitter independently to your camera for extra flexibility or with 3rd party Flash products.