Beautiful Macro Photography with Adaptalux

Water Drop with Adaptalux

Hello everyone, Here is a post showcasing a range of photos taken with Adaptalux so far exploring different camera configurations. Adaptalux doesn’t just have to be used for macro work, it is also perfect for small objects such as food photography for example. I have included the camera settings alongside the Adaptalux configuration below each photo. Enjoy… Camera…

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Why Start Macro Videography?

Hello, You may have seen my post a few weeks ago, why start macro photography? I have decided to write a similar post but turning my attention to macro videography. Most modern digital cameras have the ability to produce HD video recordings. This is great news for the photography market in general, as it means…

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Now LIVE on Kickstarter!

We are pleased to announce that Adaptalux is now LIVE on Kickstarter. Lets make this happen! CLICK HERE to go to the campaign. Be a super star and share this project via social media! This is an exciting period for us and we hope you find it exciting too! Support us and get Adaptalux at…

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Why Start Macro Photography?

Fly Shot with Adaptalux

Hi all, So what is macro photography? Technically speaking, macro photography is creating a subject of at least 1:1 scale on your camera sensor. This means when the photo off the sensor is scaled up on a computer, it shows incredible details. Revealing these details that are invisible to the naked eye is fascinating and allows for boring…

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