Control Pod images + update on electronics.

Adaptalux Pod

Hi everyone, Another update regarding the PCB problem we encountered last week. We are pleased to say we have identified the issue on the PCB board samples and have successfully fixed the issue on the samples. We are now working on the most cost effective way of correcting the problem on the other boards with…

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April Progress…

Oil on water with Adaptalux

Hello everyone! A small knock, but we will recover. Its amazing how one day can have such a big impact on a project like this. I came to write this update this morning with great excitement, as the final PCB samples arrived.  I was going to show the final product in a video and announce…

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Adaptalux March Progress!

Oil on water

Hi Everyone, Sorry for the radio silence over the last 6 weeks! We have been busy working really hard on getting Adaptalux ready for launch. The photographs embedded in this update are closeup shots of olive oil on water, using Adaptalux. All photos utilise the finished Lighting Arms, Colour Filters, Diffusers and Alpha unit of the…

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Revised Launch Dates + January Progress!

Adaptalux Lighting Arms

Hello all, We are now officially in the year you will get Adaptalux in your hands! This update covers the UK assembly progress and a revised launch schedule. The photographs on this update are macro shots of ice on a paintbrush and macro shots of cake decorations (sugar sprinkles), photographed using Adaptalux. Revised Schedule:- First, the…

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The Adaptalux Christmas Update! HUGE UPDATE!

Xmas Decoration with adaptalux

Seasons Greetings everyone! As promised, this update is crammed full of information with regards to where Adaptalux is now and what is left to do over the next couple of months. Throughout this update there are Christmas macro photos taken by Sam using Adaptalux. Enjoy! Lighting Arms Manufacturing Progress:- The Lighting Arms are really taking…

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