How to Shoot Macro Photography on a Budget

How Macro Lenses Work

Macro photography gives you the opportunity to explore new and exciting worlds on your doorstep. Its amazing seeing something for the first time, that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. However, macro photography lenses are typically very expensive, so why not reverse some old prime lenses that you can purchase for under £20? You…

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EFX Pre-Orders now open, Android App Update

Don Komarechka photography

Hi Friends, It’s been a pretty crazy winter for us so far. The EFX Lighting Arm kickstarter has ended, reaching our goal of £2,500 and exceeding it by 800% to raise a total of £20,342. Thank you to everyone who backed the project, we hope you are as excited as we are to see these…

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Using Lasers in Photography

Laser Photography

Lasers are cool and we think they are under-used in photography. We plan to fix that with our latest kickstarter project that includes Laser Lighting arms for the Adaptalux Studio. Today we are going to take a quick look at some of the creative uses of laser photography. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you…

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