Monthly Macro Photography Challenge – July 2021

Welcome to the Monthly Macro Photography Challenge for June 2021. This is where you can get involved with the Adaptalux Community and flex some of your own macro photography skills. Monthly Macro Challenge The theme for June is; POLLINATION How to Enter To enter an image into this month’s challenge, you need to post your…

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The abstract world of lensless photography – Reflectography and refractography tutorial

lensless refractography tutorial

Lensless Reflectography and Refractography tutorial – Watch on YouTube Lensless photography is a very experimental technique, however, you can achieve some very striking abstract images. In this reflectography and refractography tutorial, we are going to explore ways to create beautiful abstract images without the use of a lens! Lensless photography Lensless photography is exactly what…

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Shell Macro Photography Tutorial

seashell macro photography tutorial

Shell macro photography tutorial – Watch on YouTube Shells and sea life grow and erode in interesting ways under the forces of the ocean. This makes them a fantastic macro subject! In this shell macro photography tutorial, we are going to be getting up close to the textures of some seashells, and adding some of…

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