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As part of the EFX range of Lighting Arms the Lighting Arm-S provides a more powerful light source than the standard White Lighting Arms. The Arm-S can be identified by the silver colour of the anodised metal at the base of the Lighting Arm as well as near the head of the Arm.

These Lighting Arms incorporate a TIR Lens in the head of the arm, providing a focused spotlight. The effective brightness of the arm is increased over a smaller area by up to 3x compared to a standard Lighting Arm.


The Arm-S has a narrower beam angle than the standard white arm, therefore making it less versatile for general use and more specialised for smaller subjects that need extra light and better camera settings.


Use in combination with Coloured Lighting Arms for striking and abstract effects in your images.



Colour: Daylight White

Colour Temp 5700K

Length: 32cm (Including connector)

Brightness Up to 600 Lumens per Arm

CRI: 90

Beam Angle: 20 – 60 degrees


How to Buy


The Lighting Arm-S can be purchased separately via the Lighting Arm Product or selected in any of the packs found in our shop.

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