EFX Lighting Arms

A new range of lighting arms to bring unique effects to the Adaptalux Studio and enhance your creative photography.

Get ready to see the unseen with UV arms, shoot lasers to create unique effects and capture more detail in your macro photography with the super bright Arm-S.

UV Macro Photography
UV fluorescence photography
UV Lighting Arms

Ultraviolet Light can create some amazing effects to draw out the natural fluorescence of the world around us. We have now made this traditionally specialist subject easy to learn so amateurs and pro’s alike can get immediate, spectacular results.

Opal Gemstone under UV Light
Induced Fluorescence in a leaf

The UV lighting arm combines a UV LED and a UV Band Pass Filter (330nm peak wavelength) to block the visible spectrum, allowing only ultraviolet light through to the subject. This is UV Lighting designed to get TRUE UV florescence photography results, without the light contamination of normal UV light sources.

When all ambient light is removed from the environment the UV light can be seen being absorbed by the subject and re-emitted as visible light, allowing us to capture the “glowing” subject. This effect can be achieved easily with our new UV arms, there are no modifications needed to your camera or equipment.

Photography with Lasers
Laser Lighting Arms

Our Laser arms bring something new to the table. A lighting arm with laser diodes can be a powerful tool for your creative photography and we are very excited to see the creative uses you are able to come up with.

The Laser Arms have focusable lenses that can be accurately adjusted to create beautiful refractions in glass subjects or directed through semi-transparent materials to illuminate subjects in new ways. The red (650nm) beams of light created by the laser arms are extremely fun to incorporate into your photography and open new possibilities for lighting subjects creatively and effectively.

Gemstone with Laser Highlight
Stormtrooper with Lasers
Laser Photography
continuous macro photography lighting
Super Bright Whites

The Lighting Arm-s (the S is for super bright) is an evolution of our current lighting arms, using the same LED, but with a specially designed TIR lens built into the front of the arm. This greatly improves the amount of light reaching the subject allowing you to use faster shutter speeds, lower ISO and get sharper images of your subjects.

Outdoor macro Photography lighting
Lighting Arm S Flower

The high brightness of these arms is even more apparent when the lights are closer to the subject, making it easier than ever to get ultimate control over your super close-up macro lighting. We consider this arm a “side-grade” rather than an upgrade. With the increased brightness from the lens, comes a narrower beam angle for the light.

Cool White

Colour Temp:
5700 K

400 Lumens