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Colour Filters are an effect component used with the Lighting Arms for the Adaptalux Studio System. The Colour Filters provide an alternative to Coloured Lighting Arms for introducing coloured light into your photography.


Colour filters magnetically attach to the head of the Lighting Arms and therefore snap easily on and off.


The colour produced by a Colour Filter is much softer than the vivid and strong colour provided by a Coloured Lighting Arm. Most often fitted to white Lighting Arms, they provide a soft wash of diffused, coloured light to your images. The effect is similar to a Coloured Lighting Arm fitted with a diffuser, but with a wider range of colours available.



Colour: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple

Attachment: Magnetic


How to Buy


Colour Filters can be purchased separately via the Colour Filter Product or selected in any of the packs found in our shop.

Additional Resources


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