July 2017

Adaptalux enters their first distribution deal with Wex Photographic, a huge step for us. We would like the Adaptalux Studio to reach as many macro photographers as possible and with the largest UK photographic supplier in our corner, we are sure to introduce lots of new people to the world of creative macro photography lighting!

March 2017

We exhibited at the Photography Show in Birmingham and sold out within the first 2 days! It was a pleasure to meet all of the photography enthusiasts, professionals and industry insiders that attended the show. Some had already heard of us, some came to learn about our macro lighting – we had a fantastic response to our products and will be back next year!

Photography Show 2017

January 2017

Adaptalux completes its 2nd Kickstarter campaign for the Adaptalux Stabiliser. Raising £6,945, way over the £500 goal. The Adaptalux Stabiliser is then shortly shipped and launched, manufactured using additive manufacturing processes.

Adaptalux Stabiliser

September 2016

Adaptalux Studio officially launched. A huge milestone for Adaptalux and all the hard work paid off!

Adaptalux Lighting Studio

July 2016

Adaptalux Studio Kickstarter awards begin shipping. Amazing!

January 2016

Adaptalux is manufactured and assembled in Sam Grangers Garage. Months of hard work went into this and Sam and his Mum worked tirelessly to assemble the 1,000 Control Pods, 3,500 Lighting Arms and over 5,500 Diffusers/Colour Filters. A Real Start-Up Company.

May 2015

Adaptalux comes to life. Sam Granger raises over £107,000 on Kickstarter to bring his idea to life. A big thank you to all of the 540 backers.


September 2014

Martin Brenig-Jones invests in Adaptalux. His investment was used to patent Adaptalux Studio technology and to also build a master prototype, which would be used to showcase the product in Kickstarter. Sam Granger and Martin Brenig-Jones officially register Adaptalux as a company, both being co-owners.

June 2014

Sam Granger graduates from Bournemouth University with a first class degree with honours in Product Design (BSc). Adaptalux Studio proved to be a great concept and idea and Sam used his design skills to bring the idea to life.

August 2013

The idea for Adaptalux Studio is generated in Sam Grangers mind! He works tirelessly throughout his final year of University to bring the idea to life and turn it into a Product.