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Flash Gels are an effect component used with the Xenon Flash Arms of the Adaptalux Studio System. The Flash Gels provide a method to diffuse and add coloured light to your Xenon Flash Arms. Every Flash Arm comes with a pouch of 10 Flash Gels.


Flash Gels are very simple to use. They simply stretch over the end of the Flash Arm.


Flash Gels can be used on Xenon Flash Arms only and they can also be used in combination with Pro Hoods.

gels for macro flash photography



Colours: Diffused White (50% transparent), Clear white (90% Transparent), Warm White, Cold White, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange.


How to Buy

Flash Gels come with every Xenon Flash Arm purchase. Xenon Flash Arms can be purchased from the shop.

Additional Resources


Adaptalux Studio information: Adaptalux Lighting Studio

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