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The Pro Hoods offer even more control for your Flash Lighting Arms. There are 3 Pro Hoods, a Directional Diffusion Hood, Area Diffusion Hood, and a Honeycomb Hood. They can be used with or without the flash gels and mount directly to the Adaptalux Flash arm head.


Pro Hoods are very simple to use. They simply magnetise to the end of the Xenon Flash Arm. This can be done with or without a gel. We recommend using them with the clear Flash Gel.



Directional Diffusion Pro Hood: The Directional Hood provides directional diffused light that can be directed onto a subject with no side light contamination. These are designed to let diffused light out of the front only, giving you precise control of a well-refined flash diffuser.

Area Diffusion Pro Hood: The Area Diffusion Pro Hood allows diffused light out of its sides. This is great if you want a multi-directional diffused light with your subject. For example, you may wish to place an area diffuser above a subject, which will illuminate from several angles.

Honeycomb Pro Hood: The Honeycomb Pro Hood gives you directional control without diffusing the main flash. The honeycomb arranges the light into a tight beam, with one direction. Honeycombs do not soften the light, they control the angle but keep the high intensity.


How to Buy

Pro Hoods can be purchased from the Flash section in the shop or inside packs.

Additional Resources


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