The Adaptalux BETA App has now been launched!

Another quick update guys regarding the launch of the BETA version of the Adaptalux iOS App.

This evening at 5:30pm (UK Time) we officially launched the BETA version of the Adaptalux App. It is valid for 30 days. Thank you to everyone who wanted to be a tester, you should all receive a email notification to your provided email address with instructions on how to download the App via TestFlight.

We still have places available for testing the App, so if you missed the last update or forgot to leave a comment, then please leave a comment below and we will get you added to the tester list.


It is essential that you read this before testing the app. It’s important to remember this is a BETA version of the App, therefore features are missing that will be in the full version.

In this version we are interested in getting feedback from our testers on some of the core functionality to create and save lighting profiles within the App in a “offline” mode. We would like you to test and give feedback on the following:-

1. Logging into the app (there are no set logins at present you can simply use username: Test and password Test or any other combination you wish)

2. Test creating a new lighting profile via the + button, which is top right of the main menu.

3. Test adding a Lighting Arm to the pod by tapping on a pod connection.

4. Test changing Lighting Arm LED brightness once you have added a connection.

5. Test adding additional Lighting Arms.

6. Test adding an Effect Component to a Lighting Arm .

7. Test saving a lighting set-up.

8. Test loading a saved lighting set-up.

In addition to the above we have sent out target surveys to all testers for feedback on the usability of the app and first impressions based on the instructions above. This survey is optional, but by completing it you will be really helping us develop this App in to something spectacular for launch. This is your chance to get directly involved with the App development. There are 17 questions and it will take no longer than 4 minutes to complete.

Features currently missing from the App:-

As this is a BETA version of the App, some key features are currently missing that will be there in the full version.

  • The beta version of the Adaptalux App does not currently support lighting studio bluetooth connection.
  • World Library is not yet available. This currently will take you to your local saved Lighting set-ups.
  • Menu Icons:- Settings, Adaptalux Photo Stream and Adaptalux Store do not currently work.
  • Saving a profile:- The ability to add a description has been disabled for now. The ability to tag and categorise profiles will be added in the full version. Alongside this any abilities relating to the “World Library” are not currently present. We will also be adding the ability to upload close up photos captured using the Lighting profile to the set-up.
  • Lighting Control:- User Set Sleep and battery performance icons not yet added.

Known bugs in the current version of the App:-

As this is a early version of the App, there are still some bugs we are working on.

  • When reloading a saved profile with selected filters, the filters do not display on the connections
  • Description text input when saving a profile is currently disabled
  • Profile details are not displayed on iPhone 4s due to screen size, there will be an additional button added to get to this section.
  • Effect components are not disabled when there are no Lighting Arms selected.

Navigating the Adaptalux App:-

In the full release version we are going to have some pop-up help balloons appear over the interface of the app for the first few times you use it. This will help you learn how to use the Adaptalux App and will show you some great features. For this BETA version, we have taken some screenshots and annotated them on this update as a “mini help guide”.

Logging in & the main menu

Logging in & the main menu

Getting started with creating a set-up

Getting started with creating a set-up

Creating a set-up process example

Creating a set-up process example

Thanks everyone, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the BETA version Adaptalux App. If you have any problems, you can email for direct help.

A much BIGGER (& festive) update is on the way next week.


Sam and the team.