August News, Shipping Update + More Adaptalux Photos!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the silence once again, we have been focused on fixing a Chinese supplier issue on one of the parts, which was mentioned in the previous update. All the images throughout this update have been taken by Adaptalux users.

Image captured by Bob Latham using his Adaptalux

Image captured by Bob Latham using his Adaptalux


As we highlighted in our last update, our shipping schedule had taken a hit as a second batch of parts for Adaptalux were not correct due to our Chinese supplier making a mistake. This slowed us down considerably with our assembly and shipping process as it was such a vital part. Throughout this month we have been working with them to identify what went wrong and how to improve there production methods to ensure this does not happen again. We are pleased to report the issue has now been solved and the fully working parts are now on the way to us in the UK, we expect to receive them on Thursday.

Image captured by David Robson using his Adaptalux.

Throughout the last few weeks, we have being shipping out 10 a week of the Ultimate pack award using parts from the good batch whilst we solved the supplier issue. From Thursday onwards, we will be solely focused on shipping and aiming to ship out 50 a week of the Ultimate Pack and following that 80 a week of the smaller packs. We aim to have all of the KS awards & website pre-orders shipped out by the 21st of October.


Obviously, our original shipping schedule has been affected by this issue. You will receive a Kickstarter message with your tracking number once your Adaptalux has been dispatched, if you have not received this, your award has not yet been shipped. Our new schedule is as follows:-

  • Todays date  – 16th September = ULTIMATE PACK Kickstarter Award shipping. (IN PROGRESS).
  • Week beginning 19th September – 30th September = COMBO PACK Kickstarter Award shipping.
  • Week beginning 3rd October – 14th October = STARTER PACK Kickstarter Award Shipping.
  • Week beginning 17th October – 21st October = WEBSITE PRE-ORDERS Shipping.

Another image by Bob Latham using his Adaptalux.

Another image by Bob Latham using his Adaptalux.

For those that have messaged me who are worried about if they will see there Adaptalux, do not worry, you 100% will see your Adaptalux. Projects take time and unexpected problems do occur, especially in a Kickstarter project that involves over 80 individual parts. Please be assured I am doing my best to get Adaptalux into your hands as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst retaining the high standard of quality we have set for this product.

Photograph of a Rose using an Adaptalux.

Photograph of a Rose using an Adaptalux.

For those of you that have received your Adaptalux and would like some of your images featured on here and via the Adaptalux social media channels, please either email your images to or submit them to the Flickr Pool or Facebook Group.

So thats it for now everyone, please bare with me and thanks again for your patience 🙂

Many thanks,