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The Adaptalux Studio Combo Pack is the mid-range pack available from our online store. Perfect for experimenting with the Adaptalux Studio and Macro Photography lighting techniques.


Using our pack building system, it is possible to configure the pack to include any 4-7 Lighting Arms.  Filters and Diffusers are not included by default as they are not needed in some configurations, these can also be added to the pack.


Items found in a pack are offered at a discount to buying each item separately. The saving is shown in the pack building system.



  • 1 x Control Pod 3.0
  • 4-7 Lighting Arms of your choice.
  • Add filters (optional).
  • 1 x USB-C braided cable.
  • 2 x random subject cards.
  • Select Additional Accessories (optional).


How to Buy


The Combo Pack can be configured and purchased here.

Compare with other packs.

Additional Resources


Adaptalux Studio information: Adaptalux Lighting Studio

Control Pod Specifications: Control Pod 3.0

Lighting Arm Specifications: Coloured Lighting ArmsWhite Lighting Arms

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