Coloured LED Light for macro photography

The Adaptalux Studio makes your images stand out with the introduction of coloured light from any angle.

It’s easy to achieve a strikingly vivid colour, a tiny highlight of visual interest, or a subtle diffused hue.

Continuous light for close up photography

Use colour to enhance your macro photography.


Both LED arms and Xenon Flash Arms come with options for using colour.


Adaptalux macro photography lighting system

3 ways to add colour.


Mix and match for different effects.

Coloured LED Light for macro photography

Coloured LEDs – Choose from 4 Colours

Bright and Vivid coloured light. Leave undiffused for dramatic effect.

Control beam angle and brightness as with all LED Lighting Arms.

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Colour filters for Adaptalux Studio

Colour Filters – Choose from 8 colours

Magnetically attach filters to LED arms for a soft, diffused hue.

A less vivid wash of colour, fast to change for experimentation.

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Flash Gels for macro

Flash Gels

Every Flash Lighting Arm comes coloured with gels. Slip onto the Flash head for easy colour!

Use in combination with diffusion hoods for soft coloured light.

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Watch the Adaptalux Studio demo to learn more.

If you’re new to the Adaptalux Studio, A pack is the best place to start.

Check out our Packs with Colour options or use the pack builder to customise your lighting.

Adaptalux Ultimate PackUltimate macro photography pack

Macro Photography LED Ultimate Pack

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Adaptalux Nature combo packLED Combo pack nature

Nature LED Macro Lighting | Combo Pack

$418.39 $375.94
Adaptalux Nature starter packNature Starter Pack

Nature LED Macro Lighting | Starter Pack

$293.50 $276.52
Adaptalux Scifi combo packScifi combo pack

Sci-fi LED Macro Lighting | Combo Pack

$418.39 $375.94
Adaptalux Scifi starter packLED starter pack Scifi

Sci-Fi LED Macro Lighting | Starter Pack

$346.14 $329.16

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