Filters attach magnetically to the end of Lighting Arms to modify the light.

Colour filters apply a soft coloured diffusion to white Lighting Arms, an alternative to the harsh, vivid light from a coloured arm.

Diffusers soften shadows and reflections from white or coloured Lighting Arms in 3 levels.

Please note that filters are not compatible with UV and Laser Lighting Arms.

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Diffuser Drawing

30% Diffusion

The softest diffuser. Softens shadows without removing too much light.

Diffuser Drawing

50% Diffusion

Diffusion for medium-high brightness. Softens harsh shadows. Recommended for use with Pod 2.0 "boost mode".

Diffuser Drawing

70% Diffusion

Maximum diffusion. Reduces very harsh shadows, recommended for Arm-S Lighting Arms.

A chilled cyan hue

A subtle way to cool off the colours in your photos. Makes blues pop and whites seem colder.

A mysterious purple hue

Introduce Sci-fi colour schemes to your images or invoke a feeling of mysticism.

Green Colour Filter Drawing

A natural green hue

Enhance the colours of foliage and complement organic subjects.

Orange Colour Filter Drawing

A warming orange hue

Provide a warming glow to your scene or highlight the colours in gold jewellery.

Yellow Colour Filter Drawing

A warm yellow hue

Make warm colours pop and add a summertime vibe to your scenes.

Pink Colour Filter Drawing

A pleasing pink hue

Complement colourful flowers or add a pleasing tint to colourless areas.

Blue Colour Filter Drawing

A cool blue hue

Enhance the colours of water or add a cold vibe to your images.

red Colour Filter Drawing

A fiery red hue

Add drama to a scene or enhance the colours of red petals.