Lighting Arms make the Adaptalux Studio adaptable and versatile. The flexible arms allow light to be controlled easily and effectively.

Swap Lighting Arms in the Control Pod for coloured and special effects like Lasers or UV lighting.

Use beam angle ant brightness control, as well as Filters and Diffusers to adjust your light.

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white lighting arm
Powerful white light
A versatile white light source with a wide beam angle. Use with colour filters for softer coloured effects.
47.50 Inc. VAT
Red lighting arm
Powerful red light
Add red colour into your photos. Effective for adding drama to scenes or adding coloured highlights.
47.50 Inc. VAT
Blue lighting arm
Powerful blue light
Add rich blue tones to your images. Perfect for abstract or sci-fi scenes.
47.50 Inc. VAT
Powerful green light
Add bright greens to your images, use with a diffuser for natural shades.
47.50 Inc. VAT
Amber lighting arm
Powerful orange light
Add warm highlights and coloured effects to your images
47.50 Inc. VAT
Super bright white
Powerful and focused white light with a TIR lens and narrow beam angle
54.29 Inc. VAT
Laser lighting arm
Red Laser effects
650nm focusable red laser beam for adding special effects to your scenes.
54.29 Inc. VAT
Pure Ultraviolet
A 330nm UV light source for UVIVF photography via long exposure
74.65 Inc. VAT