LED Macro Lighting | Adaptalux Studio SUPER Ultimate Pack

$960.82 $816.70

15% Pack Discount | Pod 3.0 & 2 NEW Pod Minis!

Our largest ever pack includes Bluetooth-enabled Control Pod 3.0 as well as 2 Pod Minis for ultimate lighting placement flexibility.

Also includes the full range of standard Adaptalux Studio LED Lighting Arms as well as 2 UV Lighting Arms to delve into the world of UVIVF photography

Control Pod 3.0

The Heart of the Adaptalux Studio System

Built-in rechargeable battery power. 5 Lighting Arm ports with individual manual and Bluetooth brightness control.

Pod Mini

Ultra transportable and robust miniature Pod

Built-in rechargeable battery power. Single Lighting Arm port with quick and easy manual brightness control.

Pod Mini

Ultra transportable and robust miniature Pod

Built-in rechargeable battery power. Single Lighting Arm port with quick and easy manual brightness control.

UV Lighting Arm × 2

Pure Ultraviolet

A 365nm UV light source for UVIVF photography via long exposure.

Amber LED Lighting Arm

Firey orange light

Add warm highlights and coloured effects to your images.

Green LED Lighting Arm

Rich green light

Add bright greens to your images, use with a diffuser for natural shades.

Red LED Lighting Arm

Powerful red light

Add red colour into your photos. Effective for adding drama to scenes or adding coloured highlights.

Blue LED Lighting Arm

Vivid blue light

Add deep blue tones to your images. Perfect for abstract or sci-fi scenes.

White LED Lighting Arm × 4

Versatile white light

A highly adaptable white light source with a wide beam angle. Use with colour filters for softer coloured effects.

Yellow Colour Filter

A warm yellow hue

Make warm colours pop and add a summertime vibe to your scenes.

Orange Colour Filter

A warming orange hue

Provide a warming glow to your scene or highlight the colours in gold jewellery.

Red Colour Filter

A fiery red hue

Add drama to a scene or enhance the colours of red petals.

Pink Colour Filter

A pleasing pink hue

Complement colourful flowers or add a pleasing tint to colourless areas.

Purple Colour Filter

A mysterious purple hue

Introduce Sci-fi colour schemes to your images or invoke a feeling of mysticism.

Blue Colour Filter

A cool blue hue

Enhance the colours of water or add a cold vibe to your images.


Cyan Colour Filter

A chilled cyan hue

A subtle way to cool off the colours in your photos. Makes blues pop and whites seem colder.

Green Colour Filter

A natural green hue

Enhance the colours of foliage and complement organic subjects.

Diffuser Level 1

30% Diffusion

The softest diffuser. Softens shadows without removing too much light.

Diffuser Level 2

50% Diffusion

Diffusion for medium-high brightness. Softens harsh shadows. Recommended for use with Pod 2.0 "boost mode".

Diffuser Level 3

70% Diffusion

Maximum diffusion. Reduces very harsh shadows, recommended for Arm-S Lighting Arms.


This universal macro photography lighting kit has everything you need to master to master creative macro photography, including UV Photography.

Use continuous lighting to see exactly how your images look as you adjust your lighting. The flexible Lighting Arms are able to get light into hard-to-reach spaces, perfect for lighting tricky macro subjects.

The Pod Mini Ultimate Pack includes both white and coloured LED Lighting Arms. Pick the right light for your subject and use up to 7 different lights at once for complex and creative setups.

Explore the unseen world of UVIVF Photography. The 2 special UV Arms provide a source of pure UV lighting that does not require any modification to your camera in order to capture.

This pack includes one of each Colour Filter and Diffuser available for the Adaptalux System. Magnetically attach filters to apply soft colour washes and diffuse your light.

The SUPER Ultimate pack contains a Control Pod 3.0 and 2x Pod Minis. The Pods are used independently from the camera, control each arm separately using manual controls or via Bluetooth (Pod.3.0).

Mount the Pod 3.0 to tripod accessories and use the Pod Minis to move lights behind your subject. Mount the pod Minis to various camera accessories using the mounting system at the rear.

This universal macro photography lighting kit is particularly ideal for larger macro subjects that require versatility and creativity indoors and out, such as still life, flowers and products.

Along with the items above, this pack includes;

  • USB-C charging cable
  • Welcome pack with 2 unique complementary Background cards

The 15% pack discount will be applied in the cart

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 41 × 20 × 10 cm
Power Adaptor

Type I (AU), Type C (EU), Type G (UK), Type A (USA)

Lighting Type

Continuous LED, Ultraviolet

Light Colour

White, Blue, Red, Green, Amber

Pod Type

Control Pod 3.0, Pod Mini

Lighting Arm Amount

8+ (Ultimate)

Pod Mini

Frontplate Colour

Black, Red, Blue, Green

Pod Mini

Frontplate Colour

Black, Red, Blue, Green

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