LED Macro Lighting | Beginner Pack


Get started with the Adaptalux System!

Flexible LED Lighting at your fingertips! Place light wherever you need it using this ultra-portable and lightweight light source for macro & close-up photography.

Our most affordable Pack with a single Pod and Lighting Arm.

White LED Lighting Arm

Versatile white light

A highly adaptable white light source with a wide beam angle. Use with colour filters for softer coloured effects.

Pod Mini

Ultra transportable and robust miniature Pod

Built-in rechargeable battery power. Single Lighting Arm port with quick and easy manual brightness control.


The Pod Mini beginner pack is an ideal way to introduce lighting to your macro photography. It has everything you need to get started photographing with a single, flexible light source.

Use continuous lighting to see exactly how your images look as you adjust your lighting, an ideal method for learning about lighting.

The flexible Lighting Arm is able to get light into hard-to-reach spaces, perfect for lighting macro subjects creatively.

The Pod Mini beginner pack includes a white flexible LED Lighting Arm with power and beam angle adjustment.

The Pod Mini is used independently from the camera. Place your lighting arm near to the subject and change control the brightness using the controls on the Pod. Mount the Pod Mini to various camera accessories using the mounting system at the rear.

Flexible LED Lighting for macro photography is particularly ideal for natural subjects such as jewelry, flowers and backlighting of more complex subjects.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 41 × 20 × 10 cm
Power Adaptor

Type I (AU), Type C (EU), Type G (UK), Type A (USA)

Pod Mini

Frontplate Colour

Black, Red, Blue, Green

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