Pink Colour Filter


A pleasing pink hue

Complement colourful flowers or add a pleasing tint to colourless areas.

In stock


The Adaptalux Colour Filters provide soft colours for your lighting set-up. Add to white Lighting Arms to provide subtle and diffused colours or mix with coloured Lighting Arms to achieve unique colour tones.



  • diffused Pink colour
  • magnetic connection


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The lighting arms are very well built and provide a most excellent light. Very easy to set up and focus.


The Adaptalux studio lights and filters do exactly what they promise and give great results. And I’m a big fan of their YouTube videos giving lots of tips for new macro subjects and techniques. Their customer support is also rapid and effective. Maybe a small company but perfectly formed!


The adaptalux setup provides customizable lighting for any type of photostand.


Easy to use and the app to control the arms is awesome. Would highly recommend it. Customer service has been excellent and responsive.


I’ve been playing around with my new Adaptalux Studio for around 3 weeks, loving it so far! Thanks guys, great system.


Even though the parcel to Norway took a long time due to a PayPal problem. I am very satisfied with the product. Everything is ok.


I am only just getting used to the lighting having done very little macro photography. However I am more than pleased with everything and cannot wait to experiment and learn more. The online Adaptalux videos are brilliant, giving me lots of ideas.


Flexible rods are very useful but the versatility of the setup also allows you to accomplish macro targets that are challenging.


I’m really pleased with my Mini Pods. I like how they can be repositioned easily and how I can focus light onto a small portion of my subject.


I was drawn to the Adatalux system by the color arms and filters. Both have worked great to this point, and I’m still experimenting.


It gives daylight colour temperature, easy to use. Light intensity can be adjusted from mobile app. It is must for macro photography in my opinion. Very much satisfied with the product

Saurabh Bhattacharyya

One of the best things I’ve got in my kit, totally flexible, easy to use and with amazing results.


The British Museum purchased a set for me to test. They are a game changer in the use of lights for the macro photography of small the objects, rings, brooches etc. and coins. They are very easy to set up and adjust as key and fill lights


A really useful quality LED Lighting Kit for macro tabletop photography. Excellent Adaptalux web site for instruction and technique on using the kit. Highly recommended.


So easy from purchase to delivery to follow up. Great quality product. Really versatile. I love the UV lamps, still practicing to get my camera settings right though.

Andrea Maloney

A clever and well thought out dedicated design for macro photography. Great flexibility for lighting angles and colors for small subjects.


Working with constant lighting takes the guesswork out of the equation. The ability to place and project light in different colours and at different strengths continually makes you think about your composition and the many ways you could light your subject…. In addition, you can add to the system as you go along or as you skills and photography needs develop.
The Adaptalux system is innovative and fun to use. Moreover, it’s a demonstration of what can be achieved when you have a clear goal.


Really pleased the product oozes quality and is beautifully made and performs well. Everything about the company from the website, product, packaging and support has attention to detail. I’m so pleased I went down this route


I use 2 Arms, white and red and illuminated my subject from the top. The effect was really great and it is easy to change the settings with the downloaded app.


Since receiving my Adaptalux Studio lighting it has been a game changer. The flexibility that it provides and the ability to the light and more so the color of the lighting is exactly what I was looking for.


I have conducted several dry run mock-ups in preparation for getting out this weekend. I primarily purchased the system for outdoor macro photography and I am sure it will more than fulfil my requirements.


I recommend Adaptalux, a tool not to be missed for our creativity in photography


Having used and loved the regular arms and the Xenon Flash arms I thought I would try the UV lighting. A good decision. They need a blacked out room and tripods because of long exposures. The results are spectacular and very different. Unlike other UV lights I have tried, these give off a pure UV light.


My order was delivered Down Under in little more than a week and Sam/Ben answered a couple of beginner’s queries overnight. The products are sturdy and versatile. I discovered that the pod plus lights were best used attached to a spare tripod. I’ve been trying to watch all the excellent videos. I’ve been trying out various lenses and thinking of imaginative subjects. This is going to be so much fun!!


Definitely the best lightning system ever for photography!


I received this pack in December and have begun using it to help light my macro subjects. The lighting arms make a big difference, allowing me to use a much shorter shutter time.


I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to use the Adaptalux Studio that I purchased; however, the little I have used it, it seems to be a very versatile & easy set up. The pod and arms seem very well made.


Love the system. I even ordered the carry case to put them in. The box they came in was good, but I just wanted better protection and easy access.
Love the lights and the MACRO video ideas you share.


I have set up some flowers inside for trying out my lighting arm, and adjusted the angle of the arm to try and get the best shot.


Nice and easy to use indoors and outdoors. Helps me get the lighting just where I need it. The kit is well-made and feels robust.


Great controllable lighting system that is perfect for Macro photography


The arms snap in and out easily and produce beautiful color precisely where you want them. I started in macro photography last year and wasn’t pleased with the lighting solutions was using. I am so happy to have found the studio pod. It’s already had a real, and beautiful impact on my photos.


Good experience with this system and the accompanying videos helped me to get to grips with the system pretty quickly.
Looking forward to eventually getting the UV lights and possibly a strobe or two even though I am a big fan of the always on lighting.


I have been using the control pod/lighting arms for a little bit now and Really have had no issues with the product.
Really appreciate the control available through the App on the smart phone and save different profiles, allowing all the control of the lighting.


I recently purchased this system and love it! Used purple and green lights with diffusers to highlight fresh asparagus and I thought it looked awesome. I will continue to play with the lights and macro lens! I would definitely recommend this and in the future, I plan on adding the led arms.
I am in Canada and I still find it hard to believe that this arrived in 3 days! Good job!


Using adaptalux lighting with macro in the field is superb, so light and versatile easy to carry and use. I’m the envy of my photographic friends.

Michael M

A very versatile solution to macro photography! The quality of the system is wonderful. We are rare coin dealers so the system does work well for that purpose.


Very innovative lighting set up and great customer service


I ordered my Adaptalux studio over the New Year period when typically shipping anything to Australia is difficult. Not so with my Adaptalux starter pack, it arrived in 4 days. Everything was very well packed and I was able to start using it the day it arrived. Thanks for a great product backed by great service.


I started with the mini pods and lighting arms for lightweight easy additional lighting. However then purchased the main pod and the brighter lighting arms which provide that extra detailed focus of light. Great effects. I’m impressed with the products and excellent customer service. Looking forward to the new flash arms when they come out.


I tried the paper effects and a few miniature photos and I am more and more impressed, the only regret is that I should have made this purchase much earlier.


I have found the Adaptalux Studio pod and lighting arms to be very easy to use and versatile in their application. The products are of high quality and have proved to be very useful in my macro photography helping me to get light to exactly where I want it.


I recently completed Macro video filming of Gemstones and Jewellery for a Japanese National Television program. The very well built Adaptalux kit helped me get some amazing shots and the producers were not only impressed with the kit but how the images turned out and the kind of intricate control I had over the lighting.


This thing is a game-changer! Setting it up was surprisingly easy. No complicated manuals or tech jargon—just plug and play. And the results? Mind-blowing! The lighting is on point, bringing out details I never knew existed in my macro shots. But what I love most is how it’s helping me learn.

Mat Dudley

The Adaptalux Studio proved invaluable in letting me position lights of different colors and intensities to illuminate not only macro scenes but also still life compositions.


Very well engineered and very practical for serious macro photographers


Just a simple and well thought out device. Works as advertised. It would be great having some longer lights in the system. It would give you more room when you need to bend the light in a larger arch. Still a great product.


I purchased 3 UV arms and the pod. I love the lights and the app really makes them easy to use.


Being able to accurately position the continuous lights and selectively control individual light output via the app is fantastic.

I am sure my initial kit will be complemented in future as I gain more experience of Adaptalux Studio in a macro rig environment.


I shoot mostly weddings and was looking for lighting my macro ring shots. This system certainly opened me up to many creative options. It’s easy to use and the results are fantastic. Fast shipping. Great customer service


I bought the Combo to use instead of a speedlight when taking macro shots in the field. The quality is excellent, the design is amazing and the service superb. Adaptalux kit is not cheap but performs better than anything else. A true investment in my photography that will get a lot of use over coming months and years.


As I start to use my kit I’m finding the flexibility of control over the lights with the associated app is very useful. I also referred to the FAQ’s on the website to successfully solve a question by following the recommended advice.


The little pack with @ UV lights and 2 mini pods that I bought is just beautiful. Really, the first thing you notice is the build quality and an incredibly pleasant feeling on touch.


Enjoying using my recent purchase and the uv arms open new possibilities to macro photography.Very clever


Great product! From ordering, to shipping to receiving the Adaptalux kit was simple, received when stated. When I had questions , they were answered in a timely fashion. Great experience.

Cosimo Cavaliere

My workspace is quite small and I don’t have room for lighting stands and sophisticated lighting equipment. The Adaptalux Studio will work nicely in my limited space.


I bought a kit. Over the years I have added UV arms and upgraded to the new improved POD recently. I have also just purchased the green lighting arm for some Christmas projects. If you have not watched the YouTube Channel you really need to do so. So many ideas and very well presented.


The studio system was easy to set up and use. So many possibilities with the colours available


I updated my version 1 pod to version 3 due to the boost mode, which I like for iris-photography.
It is not a cheap tool, but for macro-photography the best on the market.


Excellent in all areas… Customer service is 100%


It really is super. It’s compact and easy to use. The light it produces is beautiful and easy to manage. I do a lot of petal portraits and this really helps to reveal their hidden beauty and personality. It really is an incredible value.


My primary use will be macro photography of mosses using my Canon Rebel SL1 with EFS-60 macro lens. I am enjoying the ability to shoot without a flash yet still have plenty of light and be able to shut the f stop down for sufficient depth of field. The coloured background cards are handy!


Great light source for macro and close-up subjects. Composing in live view, using in-body focus bracketing and auto focus makes a macro photo session a joy.


Excellent customer service. Very quick delivery. Fantastic advice given if you are hesitant about purchasing these lights or any Adaptalux equipment.


This is a great product. It has completely changed my macro photos. It is so flexible and easy to use.


In a time when personalized service & interaction with online companies is non-existent Adaptalux is above & apart! The email I sent asking for assistance was replied to within hours followed by a further interchange on tweaking my custom package – then they shipped out asap & it arrived in 3 days! (UK to South Africa – this is a type of world record! in Dec!)


I love the flexibility to manage the light intensity and position of the arms.


I was impressed by the packaging of the delivered items. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I’ve been busy photographing wildlife outside, so I really haven’t had a change to use my A. Studio. As soon as we start getting some flora and fauna, I may try it outdoors.

Cathy W.

Recently purchased. Still getting used to using the components. I am looking to develop my skills doing iris photography. Enjoying the portability and ease of use.


It allows for a surprising amount of precision and control of the light, especially at such a small scale.

Aaron D

It is a pleasure to work with a well-designed lighting system. I use it for Macro, Photomicrography and UVIVF photography, and it is well worth the investment.


Every aspect of Adaptalux is well thought out. The design of the product, packaging and documentation is impeccable. Thoroughly recommended.


The uses of the individual light sources on the object is ingenious. It’s like post-processing images in the beginning…


I was impressed with what I saw on Youtube and thought this is something even I could use, and I was right. With everything being compact as they are, it is quite easy to maneuver around just about any set up I can come up with.


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