Adaptalux Rewards

Earn points in our shop to exchange for exclusive discounts and rewards!


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How do points work?

Earn points by spending in our shop or referring your friends. The number of points you earn for your purchase is displayed in the cart and checkout.

Level up your account through 10 levels. At levels 4 and 7 you start to earn more points for the money you spend!

Exchange your points for vouchers and other rewards that can be applied directly in your cart. Use the notice in the cart or checkout to organise your rewards.

Refer your friends

For 1000 bonus points!

The referral link in your points account is unique to you. Share it with your friends to earn bonus points!

When your friend makes a purchase from our store, you both receive 1000 points to spend on future purchases!

Rise through the ranks

Earn more points to level up your account and get even more points to spend!

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