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Available in three levels of diffusion.
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Diffuser Level 1

30% Diffusion

Diffuser Level 2

50% Diffusion

Diffuser Level 3

70% Diffusion

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Buy individual Diffusers of your choice to add to your Adaptalux studio kit. Choose from diffusion level 1, 2 and 3 to extend your diffusion control.

Diffusion level 1: This diffuser has a 70% light transmission rate. This means it diffuses light, yet still offers a good brightness ratio. Ideal for when you need a diffused effect, but a good amount of light brightness.

Diffusion level 2: This diffuser has a 50% light transmission rate. This means it has a good balance of diffusing light with a good brightness level. Ideal for most styles of photographic shooting.

Diffusion level 3: This diffuser has a 30% light transmission rate. This means it has a high diffusion rate, producing nice soft light tones. However, it provides a lower brightness. This diffuser is ideal for studio shooting, where slower shutter speeds are acceptable.


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Diffusion level

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

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  1. Dave

    You gotta diffuse that light to reduce hard shadows! Great idea. Loving the design.

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