7 Signs You’re a Born Macro Photographer

Hi there,

Here is a list of the 7 signs that you’re a born macro photographer

1. Attention to detail – Your eyes are drawn to small details.

2. Inquisitive – Are you always asking yourself I wonder what that looks like from a different perspective? Or I wonder how that works?

3. An explorer – You like to see new places… Why not do some exploring down a macro lens.

4. Creative – A creative person makes the best types of macro photographs that are unique and stand out.

5. You have an interest in nature – Nature provides some of the very best macro subjects.

6. Like a photography challenge – Macro photography can be a great way to challenge and improve your photography skills.

7. Patience – Macro photography often involves been incredibly patient.

Do you tick some of these boxes? Then give macro photography a try, we think you will love it!

If you have anymore ideas to add to this list, then let us know in the comments below!


The Adaptalux Team