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Adaptive and innovative macro lighting

Adaptalux is a patent pending adaptable mini-lighting studio that allows for an infinite amount of lighting environments to be created in an effortless and inexpensive way all under one product.

This gives the control and creativity back to the user, allowing them to create fantastically unique lighting for images and videos with complete freedom. The only limit, is your imagination.

By utilising a modular design, you can ‘build’ the lighting environment, making Adaptalux completely unique for each user based on your lighting preferences.

Adaptalux can also be controlled wirelessly via built in bluetooth using our mobile App.

Adaptalux is split into three main parts: the Control Pod, the Lighting Arms, and the Effect Components.

Earlier this year, Adaptalux featured on Kickstarter, raising over £107,000 from 540 backers.

Visit our blog to read about all the coverage the Kickstarter campaign received!

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Limitless Lighting

Limitless Lighting

Build the perfect lighting set-up, every time. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Intuitive Design

Intuitive Design

Easy to use and easy to master. Adaptalux transforms macro photography lighting.

Complete Control

Complete Control

Vast control under one simple product with countless configurations.

Macro Videography

Macro Videography

Constant LED Lighting means macro video has never been so easy and accessible.



The way you use your camera

Macro Photography

Macro Photography

Product Photography

Product Photography

our team


Sam Granger

Sam has a 1st in Product Design (BSc) with honours from Bournemouth University. He has been passionate about designing since a young age and often uses photographs he captures as a source of inspiration. Business is also a keen interest of his, aspiring to create his own company that is based around Product Design for many years. Sam gained engineering and manufacturing experience through Celestion, working alongside Andy, where he developed his design skills considerably allowing him to design products from idea to manufacture. He is also a keen photographer since a young age, taking strong interest towards macro photography. He shoots with a Nikon D40X and uses a Canon EOS-M for videography.

Martin Brenig-Jones

Martin is an expert in Quality and Change Management and has worked in the field for 20 years including as Head of Quality at BT with responsibility for Quality and Business Excellence across the group of 130,000 people where he successfully lead several BT Divisions to Quality Award Winning level. Martin studied Electronic engineering at the University of Liverpool and also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Management. He is a member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers. Martin is very experienced in Process Management, the EFQM model and is a Lean Six Sigma trainer and coach. He is also co-author of the popular book on the subject “Lean Six Sigma for Dummies” commissioned by Wiley Publishing. Martin has being a keen photographer since a young age and he currently shoots with a Nikon D600, Fuji X100 and a Canon EOS-M.

Andy Read

Andrew gained a degree in computer aided product design after completing his studies at the University of Bournemouth, since then he has gained six years’ experience within the design engineering environment and has a comprehensive knowledge of engineering design principles. Andrew is skilled in 3D CAD and technical drawings dealing with the design and manufacture of injection moulded, cast aluminium and machined parts along with proficiency of tolerance checks to ensure fit and function. In his spare time he enjoys combining photography with his passions for vintage Volkswagen and rock climbing, He currently shoots with a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS.

Alex Brenig-Jones

Alex has built websites for a range of startups such as Account Academy which he co-founded in 2014, and is well versed in the end-to-end development of e-commerce websites. A mentor with Startup Direct, and a background in corporate taxation and finance, he is passionate about entrepreneurship. Alex studied Physics at Warwick University and has a Masters in Management & Organisational Analysis from Warwick Business School. He shoots on a Nikon D5100 and loves his 35mm prime lens.

Ollie Brenig-Jones

Ollie is currently studying Occupational Psychology (MSc) in London, but he is also a keen photographer and videographer and currently shoots with a Nikon D3200. He has produced various types of videos, from online Lean Six Sigma courses to a short film on the importance of education in the UK & Ghana. Ollie also has achieved a 2:1 in Psychology (BSc) at the University of York. Ollie likes to get involved in international development and sustainability projects. He is also very enthusiastic about emerging and innovative technology that transforms the way we live and work and is something he aims to pursue.

James Granger

James has a Diploma in Graphic Design with distinction and he is currently studying Graphic Design (BA) at Nottingham Trent University. He is also a keen photographer, achieving an A* in Photography at AS level. James is passionate about involving his graphic design work with business promotion and branding. James currently shoots with a Nikon D2X and also uses a Canon EOS 5000 for film photos that he uses in his graphic design work.