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Control Pod 3.0 Master Reset

In rare cases, you may have to master reset the Control Pod 3.0 to help it recover from a software crash. We have made this procedure now very simple.

To reset the control pod, use a pin to press the master reset pin down (hole located below the white bluetooth button). Do this for 2 seconds and let go.

Plug the USB-C cable into the Pod and to power. The Pod will not go through its initialisation process. After 1 minute there should be a steady red light flashing to indicate it is charging and in normal operation again.

If your pod is critically low on power, you may need to repeat this process until the Pod can complete it’s initalisation with enough power.



Note: This process is only for the post-2022 Control Pod 3.0 (Dial on top). If you have the original control pod please refer to this article. If you have a Control Pod 2.0, please read this article.

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