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Control Pod Master Reset

In rare cases, you may have to master reset the Control Pod to help it recover from a software crash. Remove the pod from any attachments (stabiliser, tripod) and follow the steps below.


Note: This process is only for pre-2018 Control Pods. If you have the updated Control Pod 2.0 please refer to this article. The Pod 1.0 has a silver front plate, whereas the pod 2.0 has a dark grey front plate.


1) Remove the two top Philips Cross-Head screws from the front plate (looking face on where you insert the Lighting Arms into).

2) Remove all 4 screws from the bottom of the Control Pod shell, these require a Torx screwdriver.

3) Slide the inner assembly out from the front, do this very carefully.

4) On the internal assembly, you will see where the batteries connect to the PCB. Disconnect the battery connector, wait 2 minutes then re-connect.

5) Plug in the USB and an amber indicator should come on for 20 minutes before usual charging is resumed. If charging does not resume first time, repeat steps 4 & 5.

6) Once fully charged, re-assemble by reversing steps 1 – 3. When sliding the internal assembly in, loop the button wires round your finger so they sit neatly above the board and do not get snagged on anything.

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