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Control Pod 2.0 Master Reset

In rare cases, you may have to master reset the Control Pod 2.0 to help it recover from a software crash. We have made this procedure easier for the Control Pod 2.0.


Note: This process is only for the post-2018 Control Pod 2.0 (dark grey front plate). If you have the original control pod please refer to this article.


To reset the control pod, connect it via a data transfer USB to a data controlling device.

This could be a PC, Mac, or a powered storage solution like a phone bank if it has a built-in data connection.

The data connection will shut down the pod causing it to reinitialise when next charged. If you want to check this, leave a Lighting Arm connected to the Pod. When connected to the USB data connection device the Lighting Arm will turn off, indicating the reset has worked.

Plug the pod into the mains adaptor provided with your pod. An orange light will indicate the pod is re-booting, followed by flashing red to indicate charging after 10 seconds.

If your pod is critically low on power, you may need to repeat this process until the Pod can complete it’s initalisation with enough power.

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