We did it! Thank You!

Hi friends,

Together, we absolutely smashed our goal for the Adaptalux Stabiliser, thank you so much for all who supported the campaign! In total, we have raised over £6,945.

What Happens Now?

In the coming weeks, we will be sending out surveys to collect your addresses and pledge details (colour etc). Please keep an eye out for this.

Over the next 14 days, Kickstarter will collect your money and then it will be deposited into our bank account after this period. We are anticipating the 3D printer to get here on the 27th of February and from that point, we will start printing and optimising the design for 3D printing. Once the printer settings are optimised for making the stabilisers at the best possible quality, we will begin. We should be able to start shipping in March.

I Missed Out on the Kickstarter Campaign ūüôĀ

If you just missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, do not worry! You can now pre-order the stabiliser through our online store.


Incredible photograph by Kristine Weiswig using her Adaptalux Studio.

Incredible photograph by Kristine Weiswig using her Adaptalux Studio.

Have you got some amazing photographs using your Adaptalux Studio?

If you have got some photos captured with your Adaptalux Studio, then feel free to send them to me at pictures@adaptalux.com

I will happily share them on our social media channels credited to you, helping you and your work get noticed amongst the photography community.

Thanks everyone!

Sam + the team.

New Kickstarter Campaign! Get the Stabiliser for your studio.

Hi Friends,

We hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year.


We have just dropped a new Kickstarter campaign for the Adaptalux Stabiliser. Check it out by clicking on the image below.

The Adaptalux Stabiliser is the perfect companion for your Adaptalux studio. Based on your feedback from last weeks survey, we have put together a new campaign. Back our new campaign and get the stabiliser at a Kickstarter discounted price.

Furthermore, if you do not own an Adaptalux studio or you simply want another one, now is the time to get one. Anyone who buys a Stabiliser through our new campaign will receive a 3% discount voucher, which can be used for pack purchases via our online store. This results in an amazing 20% off thanks to our January sale.

Please share the new campaign via social media. Thanks for your amazing support as always.


Sam + the team.


All Kickstarter Awards Shipped!


Photograph by David Robson using his Adaptalux studio

Photograph by David Robson using his Adaptalux studio

This is a very special day that we have been working very hard towards since we launched this kickstarter campaign. Everyone who pledged for an Adaptalux pack, should now have a tracking number. If you have not received your Adaptalux yet, don’t worry it is on its way!

We are constantly being amazed and surprised with some of the photographs some of you are already getting with your Adaptalux studios and we cannot wait to see more! If you would like us to feature your work, please send any photographs or videos captured with Adaptalux to pictures@adaptalux.com

Photography by Bob Latham using his Adaptalux

Photography by Bob Latham using his Adaptalux

Now that Kickstarter shipping is complete our focus now turns to shipping out Adaptalux website pre-orders throughout next week.

Week beginning 10th October Р14th October = WEBSITE PRE-ORDERS Shipping. 


Photography by Craig Ruff using his Adaptalux

Photography by Craig Ruff using his Adaptalux

A few words from Sam…

As the creator of this project, seeing this product in the hands of some fantastic photographers and videographers is something I have dreamed about for over 3 years now. Myself and the team really cannot wait to see what you can do with your Adaptalux over the coming months.

Now we have fulfilled all of our Kickstarter awards, our focus will now shift on to growing this company, which will lead onto new products been developed. I designed Adaptalux to be backwards compatible, which means any future products will work with the product you own now, so watch this space. Our goal is to achieve ultimate studio control in a miniature environment and the successful completion of this Kickstarter campaign is the first steps to accomplishing this.

Photograph by Helen Errington using her Adaptalux

I would just like to thank a couple of people who have helped myself and the team push through and get this project complete. We all owe a special thanks to Billie and Margaret (My Mum and Nanna!) who have kindly helped us assemble and ship Adaptalux over the last 4 months. Their help has meant the world to myself, Martin and the rest of the team and it has proved invaluable to getting this project complete by the shipping dates we set.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you, our amazing Kickstarter backers. Your support and loyalty has really meant the world to us, even through the tough times at the beginning of this year, where we had to announce shipping would be delayed. Myself and the team have being amazed with the positive & supportive messages throughout the last 18 months, they have really made a difference to team morale. Without your support, this product wouldn’t have became a reality. You all deserve a massive pat on the back for believing in this product and we really hope you think the wait has been worth it. Thank you.

Photograph by Kao using his Adaptalux

Photograph by Kao using his Adaptalux

Thats it for now, another update will follow in the coming weeks.

Thank you everyone, you are all amazing.


BETA Tester Award Shipped + Adaptalux App Now Available to Download.

Hello all!

Adaptalux Colour Filters

Adaptalux Colour Filters

Apologies for the few weeks of silence on Kickstarter again, we have being very busy.

We are thrilled to announce that today, we shipped out the first Kickstarter award, the BETA TESTER packs. This award consisted of a Adaptalux ultimate pack, and meant they get the product 4 weeks in advance to everyone else. We can’t wait to see what they can do with their Adaptalux kit!

The BETA Pods

The BETA Pods


BETA Tester Award

BETA Tester Award



Ready to go!

Ready to go!

We can also happily announce that the Adaptalux App is now available to download for iOS on the App Store. As mentioned numerous times now, an Android version of the app will follow towards the end of summer. Please, go and download the app and start to get a feel of what it can do and how it will help you create amazing photos and videos using your Adaptalux products. You will be able to see some Adaptalux lighting set-ups Sam has put on the World Library for you to try, once you receive your Adaptalux studio. Hopefully, our BETA award testers will put more on over the next 4 weeks.

The Adaptalux App

The Adaptalux App

Shipping Schedule

Now we have shipped out the BETA award, we can officially announce our planned shipping schedule. Shipping is going to be an ongoing process over the next 2 – 3 months. We will try are best to finish ahead of this schedule!

  • Week beginning 25th July – 5th August =¬†ULTIMATE PACK Kickstarter Award shipping.
  • Week beginning 8th August – 19th August =¬†COMBO PACK Kickstarter Award shipping.
  • Week beginning 22nd August – 2nd September =¬†STARTER PACK Kickstarter Award Shipping.
  • Week beginning 18th of July =¬†SUPER ULTIMATE MEGA AWESOME PACK Kickstarter Award shipping.


  • Week beginning 5th September – 9th =¬†ALL WEBSITE PRE-ORDERS SHIPPED.


Sam took some time out a few weeks back to re-design the Adaptalux website. Go check it out and let us know what you think. http://www.adaptalux.com

A Small Favour

Now we have shipped the first units of Adaptalux, we would ask that you help us grow the Adaptalux community by sharing Adaptalux content on social media and telling your friends. The more people who get on board, the better this product will become as a amazing lighting tool. We are hoping that Adaptalux will inspire and teach other photographers and videographers to try different lighting techniques, to make their photos and videos even better!

Thats it for now everyone, and we hope the excitement is really building now. We know it has being a patient wait, but we really think you will love the product.

Sam + The Team.

The Adaptalux BETA App has now been launched!

Another quick update guys regarding the launch of the BETA version of the Adaptalux iOS App.

This evening at 5:30pm (UK Time) we officially launched the BETA version of the Adaptalux App. It is valid for 30 days. Thank you to everyone who wanted to be a tester, you should all receive a email notification to your provided email address with instructions on how to download the App via TestFlight.

We still have places available for testing the App, so if you missed the last update or forgot to leave a comment, then please leave a comment below and we will get you added to the tester list.


It is essential that you read this before testing the app. It’s important to remember this is a BETA version of the App, therefore features are missing that will be in the full version.

In this version we are interested in getting feedback from our testers on some of the core functionality to create and save lighting profiles within the App in a “offline” mode. We would like you to test and give feedback on the following:-

1. Logging into the app (there are no set logins at present you can simply use username: Test and password Test or any other combination you wish)

2. Test creating a new lighting profile via the + button, which is top right of the main menu.

3. Test adding a Lighting Arm to the pod by tapping on a pod connection.

4. Test changing Lighting Arm LED brightness once you have added a connection.

5. Test adding additional Lighting Arms.

6. Test adding an Effect Component to a Lighting Arm .

7. Test saving a lighting set-up.

8. Test loading a saved lighting set-up.

In addition to the above we have sent out target surveys to all testers for feedback on the usability of the app and first impressions based on the instructions above. This survey is optional, but by completing it you will be really helping us develop this App in to something spectacular for launch. This is your chance to get directly involved with the App development. There are 17 questions and it will take no longer than 4 minutes to complete.

Features currently missing from the App:-

As this is a BETA version of the App, some key features are currently missing that will be there in the full version.

  • The beta version of the Adaptalux App does not currently support lighting studio bluetooth connection.
  • World Library¬†is not yet available. This currently will take you to your local saved Lighting set-ups.
  • Menu Icons:-¬†Settings, Adaptalux Photo Stream and Adaptalux Store do not currently work.
  • Saving a profile:-¬†The ability to add a description has been disabled for now. The ability to tag and categorise profiles will be added in the full version. Alongside this any abilities relating to the “World Library” are not currently present. We will also be adding the ability to upload close up photos captured using the Lighting profile to the set-up.
  • Lighting Control:-¬†User Set Sleep and battery performance icons not yet added.

Known bugs in the current version of the App:-

As this is a early version of the App, there are still some bugs we are working on.

  • When reloading a saved profile with selected filters, the filters do not display on the connections
  • Description text input when saving a profile is currently disabled
  • Profile details are not displayed on iPhone 4s due to screen size, there will be an additional button added to get to this section.
  • Effect components are not disabled when there are no Lighting Arms selected.

Navigating the Adaptalux App:-

In the full release version we are going to have some pop-up help balloons appear over the interface of the app for the first few times you use it. This will help you learn how to use the Adaptalux App and will show you some great features. For this BETA version, we have taken some screenshots and annotated them on this update as a “mini help guide”.

Logging in & the main menu

Logging in & the main menu

Getting started with creating a set-up

Getting started with creating a set-up

Creating a set-up process example

Creating a set-up process example

Thanks everyone, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the BETA version Adaptalux App. If you have any problems, you can email sg@adaptalux.com for direct help.

A much BIGGER (& festive) update is on the way next week.


Sam and the team.

Sub-assembly trialling, app testing, mass production of plastic parts and more!

Hello everyone!

Another month, another information crammed update! Things are starting to speed up again now as we head towards the end of the year with more and more parts getting here for assembly or approval. We have also made some key progress with the plastic parts for the Diffusers and Colour Filters, after 4 rounds of sampling to get the colour and transparency spot on, we are finally there. This means most of the plastic parts will enter mass production within the next two weeks and we should receive them pretty promptly!

Marble photographed using Adaptalux.

The photos featured in this update are macro shots of marbles, photographed using Adaptalux. We really like how the unique lighting has made them look like abstract planets in space!

Sub-assembly trialling:-

An important part of the design and manufacturing process is to trial sub-assembly methods to find the optimum method of putting components together at a quick rate but still maintaining high quality. Sam has been busy doing this with parts he has for the assemblies we will be doing in the UK.

Lighting Arms:-

With most of the parts now received for the Lighting Arms, Sam has been able to put together some samples. The only part we are waiting for is the connector, we should be receiving samples next week. So here are some Lighting Arm assemblies that are 90% complete for you to feast your eyes upon.

Lighting Arm sub-assembly samples

Colour Filters and Diffusers:-

Final Diffuser and Colour Filter samples

As mentioned, these have been under a strenuous sampling process so the transparency and colour dyes used in the material are spot on for mass production. It was important to take our time with these, as the material properties used in the injection moulding process has a great effect on the photographic properties of these parts. Too transparent, the parts do not diffuse enough light and colour onto the subject. Too opaque, not enough light comes through the parts to have a positive effect on your photo. We have finally landed on the perfect mixing ratios to produce these parts and they will be entering mass production within the next two weeks.

Grade 2 Diffuser testing

Yellow Colour Filter testing

Yellow Colour Filter testing

Pink Colour Filter testing

Pink Colour Filter testing



LED PCB sub-assemblies:-

Some sub-assemblies are been done by our suppliers in China. These sub-assemblies involve PCB based components where re-flow soldering is required.

We are pleased to report they are absolutely spot on and have been approved for all 5 LED colours. Mass production quantities will be completed in the next couple of weeks by our supplier.

LED PCB Wiring Assembly Samples

LED PCB Wiring Assembly Samples


We are expecting to receive the first samples for the connector design on Monday. This is a massive step in the Adaptalux manufacturing schedule. These will be featured in the next update once we have fully tested and approved them.

Marble photographed using Adaptalux.

Marble photographed using Adaptalux.

The Adaptalux App:-

The Adaptalux App is coming on well. It has had a dramatic makeover compared to the visuals we showed on our KS campaign back in April. We are about to move onto the bluetooth testing phase of the app development.

We plan to release a BETA App either at the end of this month or one of the first two weeks in December. This app will be a “offline” version, allowing you to create lighting set-ups on your phone, which in the full version you will be able to save for later. We will be needing your feedback to help us finalise the design and functionality of the app. We want you to tell us what works, and what doesn’t in terms of layout and ease of use. But more about this when the time comes!

Below are some screenshots of the App so far, but there is a lot to do to it yet!

App development screen captures

App development screen captures


Sam had a meeting with a packaging supplier last week and has been busy mocking up designs for the final packaging design. James has been busy doing the graphic design work for the packaging. Some photos below are of the cardboard prototype Sam has made, he will be going for a meeting again next week to get some professional samples made with print. Bare in mind this is a rough packaging prototype to prove function and final layout (so excuse the hot glue gun mess!).

Packaging prototype - opened

Packaging prototype – opened

Mass production of Injection Moulded Parts:-As mentioned, mass production for the plastic parts is now very close now we have been approving samples. Mass production will be done in a few days for most parts once started, then a further 5 days to ship to us.

  • So the Diffusers, Colour Filters, Button Caps, Control Pod sub-assembly internal parts are all now ready for mass production. We will be giving the go ahead within a couple of weeks.
  • The Control Pod shell is currently undergoing trialling with a sonic welding supplier. It will then be textured and samples sent here for approval.
  • Connector parts are on there way for approval.
  • There is one more simple plastic part left to order, which relies heavily on the PCB design. However, we are confident this can still be manufactured in time once the PCB design is complete.

Marble photographed using Adaptalux

Marble photographed using Adaptalux

Please Support the EV Mag Kickstarter campaign!

Support EV Mag on Kickstarter Now!

Support EV Mag on Kickstarter Now!

Our friends over at EV Mag are running a great Kickstarter campaign at the moment. EV Mag is a great photography E-magazine that you can download for free for your mobile devices. Adaptalux was featured in it during our Kickstarter campaign!

You can check it out for free HERE or HERE. We highly recommend that you do so.

Please support their campaign to help them keep creating a great E-Magazine. Furthermore, they are running a fantastic competition where three randomly drawn backers will win either a brand new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil OR a tripod kit from Really Right Stuff. Both prizes are worth over $1,000.

Go check out there campaign now HERE.

So that’s it for now everyone. There is a lot of information to take in and digest here, but rest assured everything is coming together. We are counting down the days until we can ship them and see what you can do with your Adaptalux…

Kickstarter Backer Wall of Fame. Thank you!

Thank you again to all of our backers on Kickstarter for making Adaptalux a reality! Here is the Wall of fame image, which contains the names and some faces of people who backed at pledge awards “Little Snapper” & “sharing’s Caring”. Of course, a huge thank you to the other 499 backers too!

This image is also now on our home page!

Click on the image below to see the full size version.


Wall of Fame Image

Wall of Fame Image

Now LIVE on Kickstarter!

We are pleased to announce that Adaptalux is now LIVE on Kickstarter. Lets make this happen!

CLICK HERE to go to the campaign.

Be a super star and share this project via social media!

This is an exciting period for us and we hope you find it exciting too! Support us and get Adaptalux at a fantastic price.

Many thanks,

The Adaptalux Team!