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Adding batteries


The Adaptalux Emitter uses 2 x AAA batteries. Push into place by simply removing the battery flap, inserting the batteries and re-placing the battery flap.

Turning the Emitter on


The Emitter has a power button located underneath the product. Simply press once to turn on and once to turn off. A green light will appear on the back when the product is turned on.


(Optional) Attaching the Emitter to your Pod

Place your Adaptalux Pod onto the emitter and use the tightening wheel to screw the Pod to the Emitter. Tighten until the Pod feels firmly attached. To remove, simply un-tighten the tightening wheel until your Pod comes off the Emitter. Be sure to hold both the Emitter and Pod when doing this.

The Emitter does not have to be used with the Pod mounted to it, they can also be used separately. This can be particularly useful if you are indoors or using a studio like set up. It will give you more movement with your camera and the Adaptalux Studio can remain independent to the Emitter and Camera.


Attaching the Emitter to your Camera

The Emitter fits any camera with a hot shoe connection. Slide the Emitter onto your hot shoe and tighten the locking mechanism until the Emitter feels well placed on your Emitter. Ensure the Emitter is sliced fully onto your hot shoe to ensure the contact pins are in the right place. To remove the Emitter, un-tighten the locking mechanism and slide back off the camera.

Optionally, the Emitter can also be used independently to your camera by using the Radio Trigger. This will allow you to trigger the Emitter and not have it mounted to your camera. Particularly useful if you are using multiple Flash Lighting Arms and would like more freedom with your camera to the subject.


Use the Test button

The Emitter has a useful test button located on the underside of the product. This button can be used to ensure the Emitter has a good line of sight with your Flash Arms. By pressing it, any connected Flash arms will trigger and fire if they are in range. This can be very useful when setting up a shot.


Low battery indicator

If the batteries are low in your Emitter, a red LED will show on the back. If this LED is showing your Emitter will not trigger the Flash Arms as the batteries need replacing.

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