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The Adaptalux Studio Ultimate Pack is the most comprehensive pack available from our online store. Perfect for getting the most flexibility with your Adaptalux Studio and macro photography lighting techniques.


Using our pack building system, it is possible to configure the pack to include any 8 or more Lighting Arms and Filters. In our pre-built packs a Ultimate pack consists of 8 Lighting Arms and 11 Filters.


Items found in a pack are offered at a discount to buying each item separately. The saving is shown in the pack building system.




  • 1 x Control Pod 3.0
  • 8+ Lighting Arms of your choice.
  • Filters can be added (Optional)
  • 1 x braided USB-C cable.
  • 2 x random subject cards.
  • Select Accessories (optional).


How to Buy


The Ultimate Pack can be configured and purchased here.

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