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Flickering Arms


Lighting Arms Flicker when inserted


A small amount of flicker can be expected when manipulating arms as the contact is stressed. Make sure the Arms are situated properly in the pod and allow them to settle and regain connection to the pod.

Significant flickering


Lighting Arms should not flicker once situated in the Control Pod Port. Lighting Arms have 4 rotational locking points, If there is something preventing a good connection, it may help to remove an arm, rotate 90 degrees and lock into a different orientation.

Any foreign debris or dirt on the contact points can cause Lighting Arms to flicker or not function properly. Please check all the contact points on the Pod and Arms are clean and unobstructed. You can clean the contact points in both the arm and pod using a cotton bud and some Isopropyl alcohol (or use acetone-based nail polish remover).

Dim Light

Lighting Arms are not bright, or appear dimmer than normal.


Please ensure the battery is adequately charged. Secondly, ensure all electrical contact points are clean.

No Light

Lighting arms are unresponsive and will not illuminate at all.


If the Lighitng Arm LED does not illumate when plugged into the pod, please refer to this article.

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