Pro Mount


Camera Hotshoe Mount.

Shoot handheld in the field by mounting your Control Pod to the camera or other “Go-Pro” style Accessories.


The Pro Mount Adaptor is a Go-Pro style Hot shoe mount for the Adaptalux Studio Lighting System. Mount your Control Pod to the camera hot shoe, or other Go-Pro style attachments.
The Pro Mount Camera Kit secures the Control Pod to your camera hot shoe, allowing for more mobility and handheld shooting. Your lighting can be placed exactly where you need it in front of the lens.
This Kit consists of two parts:
The Pro Mount Adaptor is a custom attachment for the Adaptalux Control Pod. It has been specially designed to hold the base of the pod firmly without allowing for any lateral twisting. The locking wheel screws into the thread on the base of the pod. A Go-pro style connection allows this piece to be attached to other 3rd Party accessories like suction cups or brackets.

The Hotshoe Mount attaches to your camera hot shoe and allows for mounting of the Pro mount adaptor or other 3rd Party Go-pro accessories. Attach with the locking pin and use the included tightening tool to secure if needed.

Together, the angle of the Pod can be adjusted to move Lighting Arms closer or farther from the lens.