Apexel 12x24x Phone Macro Lens


Apexel 2 in 1 12/24x clip-on lens for high magnification mobile phone macro photography.

Compatible with 98% of smartphones!


Explore the macro world with your mobile phone camera using the 2 in 1 12x24x Apexel Phone Macro Lens kit

This product consists of two lenses that can be used separately or combined to significantly increase the magnification of your phone camera. The lenses thread together to apply more magnification or use just one for a wider view. Also included is a diffusion ring, to soften the light entering from the sides of the lens.

With a universal mounting clip, this lens is compatible with 98% of smartphones including single and multi-camera handsets. We recommend using the lens with “Pro” camera modes, or 3rd party camera apps that allow for manual focus and camera selection.

Amaze yourself and your friends with this super-magnification lens! You will reveal close-up detail in the world around you, that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye!

Ideal for photographing coins, textures, foliage, and any other macro subject you can think of! Carry a lens in your pocket to be ready to capture amazing macro photos wherever you go.

This smartphone macro lens is designed by our friends at Apexel.

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