Apexel 100mm Macro Lens


Apexel 100mm clip-on lens for handy smartphone phone macro photography.

Also known as the Apexel Professional phone macro lens.

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Explore the macro world with your mobile phone camera using the clip-on Apexel 100mm Macro Lens for smartphones.

This product uses a high-quality 100mm lens to significantly increase the magnification of your phone camera, making your phone capable of macro photography without the high cost of professional cameras and lenses.

With an adjustable universal mounting clip, this lens is compatible with 98% of smartphones including single and multi-camera handsets. We recommend using the lens with “Pro” camera modes, or 3rd party camera apps that allow for manual focus and camera selection.

Amaze yourself and your friends with the incredible magnification this lens adds to your phone camera! This lens is ideal for people new to macro photography, and an easy way to experiment. You will reveal close-up detail in the world around you.

Ideal for photographing flowers & foliage, small products, toys and any other macro subject you can think of! Carry a lens in your pocket to be ready to capture amazing macro photos wherever you go.

This smartphone macro lens is designed by our friends at Apexel.

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