• full control


  • adapts to you


  • wireless control


The Command Centre for Adaptalux

The Pod controls your miniature lighting studio by utilising our innovative patent pending connector design and an intelligent power management system.

This gives outstanding high brightness & accurate brightness control whilst still retaining an exceptional battery life.

 The Pod can also be controlled wirelessly via the Adaptalux App, available for iOS and coming soon to Android.

Distinctive Design

Adaptalux Lighting Studio has been designed to compliment your photography equipment, so they look in harmony together whilst in use.

It utilises a unique shape that makes it incredibly durable, meaning you can use it with confidence wherever you go.

Designed to suit you

Adaptalux Lighting Studio has been designed to adapt to you, as well as the photography subject.

It can be mounted to cameras via a provided cold shoe, tri-pods and it can also be used completely independently.

Adaptalux Lighting Studio is an incredibly intuitive product, utilising only 3 buttons for quick and easy lighting control.

Intelligent Power Management

Adaptalux Control Pod self-manages its power in an efficient way to provide you with the very best battery life possible whilst still retaining incredible brightness.

Adaptalux Lighting Studio boasts an incredible 10 hour battery life from a single charge!

 It can be charged and directly powered via a provided USB cable, from the wall using an adaptor provided or via computer.


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