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VAT on purchases

How do I know if I will be charged tax?

Applicable tax calculations are displayed as part of the breakdown of costs shown in the basket and checkout before you purchase. The final tax calculation for your order is based on your delivery address, not the billing address. We are a UK company, and ship from the United Kingdom (UK). Therefore, Value Added Tax (VAT) must be added to all orders at the checkout destined to the UK. If you purchase from outside of the UK you will not be charged UK VAT at the point of purchase (checkout), Instead, you may be subject to import duties payable to your own country upon delivery. Please see below for more details.

VAT Calculations

The tax on my order seems wrong, how do I get the correct tax calculation?

Tax is calculated automatically by the website by detecting the location you are browsing from. This can sometimes be inaccurate and may cause the website to add or remove tax unnecessarily. The final tax calculations are made based upon the delivery address you enter in the checkout. If you want to check the tax is correct on your order, progress to the checkout and enter your delivery address. The delivery address of the item will override the location you are browsing from and display the tax based on the final destination of your order. If your tax calculation is still incorrect, please contact us.

Customs & Duties

Will I be charged customs if ordering from outside of the UK?

Importing goods from the UK into a non-UK country may incur additional customs charges because tax has not been applied or paid for at the checkout (at point of sale). These charges vary around the world and we have no control over them, nor do we know if & when charges may occur. We make every effort to minimise costs and any delays caused by customs, but parcels may be subject to import duty and tax when imported into your country if you have not paid tax at the point of sale. DHL will make this payment on your behalf and then request duty payment from you before delivery. Please refer to the customs laws for your destination country to learn more about import costs for your desired delivery address.

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