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Brightness Control Mode


To enter the brightness control mode, make sure to have at least one Lighting Arm plugged in.


Press the top button once, this will activate brightness control mode. One Lighting Arm will begin to pulse, indicating that this arm is being adjusted.


Brightness control mode will end after a few seconds of inactivity, returning the pod to normal operation and saving the brightness settings for each arm.

Control Pod

Adjusting Brightness

While in brightness control mode (pulsing arm) you can hold either the + or – button to adjust the brightness of the pulsing arm.


When holding + or -, the arm will stop pulsing to show the current brightness. The arm will flash when either maximum or minimum brightness is achieved.


When the brightness is set, either press the top button to move to the next arm or leave the pod for a few seconds to save the new brightness settings.


Control Pod Controls
Control Pod Controls

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